Renxin Yang

Renxin Yang, Ph. D.
Professor of SociologyDr. Renxin Yang

Office: 2413 Jamrich
Phone: 906-227-1120


1995, Ph.D (Sociology), Bowling Green State University
1991, M.A. (Sociology), University of Toledo
1982, B.A. (English Language & Literature), Jiangxi Normal University
1983, Post B.A Certificates (Library & Information Science) Wuhan University and Shanghai East China Normal University
1978, Certificates (Advanced Math; Contemporary Chinese Literature)

Courses taught at NMU
SO 101 (Introductory Sociology)
SO 208 (Methods of Social Research I)
SO 372 (Minority Groups)
SO/SW 308 (Methods of Social Research II)
SO 353 (Globalization and Asian Societies)
SO 408 (Survey Research Design & Analysis)
SO 491 (Internship in Research)
SO 498 (Directed Studies)
HP222A Tai Chi (Beginning)
HP 222C Tai Chi Sword

New Courses:
SO 295 (Sociology of Happiness)
HL 295 (Holistic Health)

Other courses taught include:
SO 101/H (Introductory Sociology/Honors)
SO 302 (Life Cycle and Social Structure)
SO 495 (FLSA: Social Cultural Studies in China)
SO 369 (Introductory Statistics)
SO 301 (Social Psychology)
UN050/GD989 (Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy and Landscape Painting)
HP 295 (Tai Chi Intermediate)

Teaching and Professional History
20 years of college teaching experience in the United States and 5 years of college teaching experience in Mainland China.

2007-Present: NMU. Full Professor
2001-2006: NMU. Associate Professor
1996-2000: NMU. Assistant Professor
1994-1995: BGSU. Instructor
1991-1994: BGSU. Research/Teaching Assistant
1989-1991: UT. Research/Teaching Assistant
1985-1989: JNU. Lecturer
1984-1985: JNU. Instructor

Research Interests

  • The Marriage of Poetry and Social Sciences
  • Globalization and the Modern World System ; World Poverty; Climate Change; Effects of Economic Reform on Family Institution and Women in China
  • Race and Gender Differences in Status Attainment, Mental Health, and the Quality of Life, in the United States
  • Alienation, Self-esteem, and Depression

Teaching Philosophy

  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Analytical/Critical Thinking
  • &Truth

Selected Publications
Professional conferences: Since 1993, delivered over a dozen research papers. Majority of these papers were presented at annual meetings of ASA (American Sociological Association), others of PCA/ACA, MWSA, NCSA, BSA, and NACSA, including numerous guest/invited presentations on diverse topics in the local community.

  • Yang, Renxin. 2015  Light & Shadows: Conversation of the Soul (Chinese/English poetry collection; Pp 1-355).  Hangzhou, Zhejiang University Press.
  • Yang, Renxin. 2013.  The Native Spirit (Chinese/English Poetry Collection; Pp: 1-268). Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press.
  • Yang, Renxin. 2013.  “Rational Choice in Uncertain Times: Coping with Marital/Family Fragmentation during Economic Reform." American Review of China Studies 13(2): 27-58.
  • Yang, Renxin. 2011.  “Between Traditionalism and Modernity: Changing Values on Dating Behavior and Mate Selection Criteria.” International Review of Modern Sociology 37(2): 265-287.
  • Yang, Renxin. 2011. Floating Willow Flowers (Poetry Collection; Pg: 1 - 225). Shengyang: Northeastern University Press.
  • Yang, Renxin.  2007.  “Feminist Studies in Western Sociology.”  Book Chapter in Chinese (Chapter VII in Current Research and New Trends  in Western Sociology. Pg: 136-165, ed. By Jieli Li).  Beijing: Renming University Press.
  • Yang, Renxin & Arthur G. Neal. 2006. “The Globalization Impact on Family Relations in China.” International Journal of Sociology of the Family 32 (1): 113-126.
  • Yang, Renxin. 2000. “Race, Status Attainment, and Depression: Intervening Effects of Consequential Life Events.” Race & Society 2(2): 197-216.
  • Yang, Renxin & Billy Blodgett. 2000. “Effects of Race and Adolescent Decision-Making on Status Attainment and Self-Esteem,” Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work 9(1/2): 135-153.
*Publications in professional journals include Sociological Spectrum, Race and Society, Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work, International Journal of Sociology of the Family, and Gender and Society.