About Us

Department of Sociology and Anthropology Mission

The Department’s mission is to foster the development of knowledge, values, and skills necessary to understand and positively influence the human condition.  Through a rich selection of courses in Sociology and Anthropology, we create a learning environment that challenges students to think critically about our social world, and to seek creative solutions to human problems.  We offer a welcoming and supportive environment that intentionally engages students in the community, and prepares them for both professional employment and graduate study.

What We Offer

Northern Michigan University’s Sociology and Anthropology Department offers majors in both sociology and in anthropology, and minors in both sociology and anthropology. As you consider your academic and career future, we hope you will take some of the wonderfully rich courses offered by the department, even if you choose to major or minor in other areas. 

Department News

The Department has some exciting changes and news to report!

  • Dr. Alan McEvoy has retired as Department Head after eleven years at NMU. Without the burden of administrative duties he will be enjoying the benefits of visiting with family, traveling, improving his fishing skills, and continuing as a skilled photographer. He and his leadership will be sorely missed, but we expect to see him from time to time, perhaps even teaching a class or two. 
  • Dr. Scott Demel will be on sabbatical this next academic year writing a book on the Remoteness Factor, life on the frontier, coasts, and islands of the Great Lakes. The book will summarize his archaeological work on Beaver Island, Lake Michigan.
  • We are pleased that Sheena Ketchum, ABD, will continue on as an anthropology professor for the next academic year. We are lucky to have her teach and mentor our anthropology students as she finalizes her dissertation.
  • We are excited that Dr. Meghan McCune will be coming to us from JCC, which is part of the State University of New York system-as the new Cultural Anthropologist. A brief bio will follow soon. Stay tuned!
  • Dr. Alex Stoner is featured as an expert in UNDERSTAND HOW THE PANDEMIC CHANGED THE JOB MARKET in Zippia's Future of the Job Market Report. Check it out here: https://www.zippia.com/future-job-market/?featured=787125526067
  • Dr. Yan Ciupak is featured as an expert in EXPERTS WEIGH IN ON CURRENT JOB MARKET TRENDS in Zippia's Future of the Job Market Report. Check it out here: https://www.zippia.com/counseling-specialist-jobs/trends/#section-professor-962530687509
  • Dr. Yan Ciupak has earned tenure and promotion to Associate Professor. Congratulations!
  • Dr. Jane Harris was included in an Alumni Spotlight on the MSUFAL blog (Michigan State University Forensic Anthropology Lab). Check it out here: http://msufal.anthropology.msu.edu/blog/
  • Dr. Scott Demel was interviewed about AN315 Myth, Mystery, and Fraud class for NMU's North Wind student newspaper. See Instructions on Skeptics: Anthropology Course Teaches Myth and Mystery. Check it out here: https://www.thenorthwindonline.com/?s=Myth