Undergraduate Minors

Social Services Minor

The social services minor is designed as an option for students who may have chosen another field as their major, but are looking to strengthen their knowledge of the human services sector.  They may be looking at having a career in a field closely related to social work or may already know that they will be working with social workers.  Students who commonly choose a social service minor are psychology, criminal justice and political science majors.  This is a 20 credit minor that includes a requirement to complete SW 100 - Exploring Social Work and at least two courses at the 400 level.  For a full description of the minor requirements, and descriptions of optional courses, please consult the University Bulletin.

Human Behavior Cluster Minor

The human behavior cluster minor must be completed by all social work majors at NMU to earn their BSW degree.  This minor is 28 credits, which requires that students complete the Introduction to Sociology (SO 101) and Introduction to Psychology (PY 100) courses plus a course from each of the five other remaining categories.  The minor is not restricted to social work majors, so other students who have an interest in gaining knowledge from multiple disciplines about the nature of human behavior may consider choosing this minor.  See the University Bulletin for a full listing of the requirements, options and course descriptions for the human behavior cluster minor.  Social work majors can also consult their advising packet for more details.

Native American Community Services

This minor is designed especially for future human services professionals who would like to provide services in Native American communities.  This is a 24 credit minor requiring 6 specific courses from the NMU's Center for Native American Studies. More information on the minor requirements can be found in the University Bulletin.