Faculty and Staff

To contact the Social Work Department, e-mail sosw@nmu.edu or call 906-227-2706


Abigail Wyche
Department Head and Associate Professor
Phone: 906-227-2706
Office: 2406 Jamrich Hall
Email: awyche@nmu.edu

Patricia K. Cianciolo, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
E-mail : pciancio@nmu.edu

Ann Crandell-Williams
BSW Program Director and Field Coordinator 
Phone: 906-227-1115
Office: 2408 Jamrich Hall
Email: acrandel@nmu.edu

Susan Henderson
Department Secretary
Phone : 906-227-2706
Office : 2400 Jamrich Hall
e-mail : shenders@nmu.edu

LaMart Hightower
Assistant Professor
Phone: 906-227-2197
Office: 2403 Jamrich
E-mail: lhightow@nmu.edu

Karl Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Phone: 906-227-1117
Office: 2402 Jamrich
E-mail: karjohns@nmu.edu

Sarah Carlson, LMSW
MSW Field Coordinator and Instructor
Phone: 906-227-2726
Office: 2417 Jamrich Hall
Email: sarahcar@nmu.edu

Assistant Professor of Social Work
Phone: 906-227-1116
Office: 2402 Jamrich Hall