Social Work - BSW Accreditation

The undergraduate social work program at NMU has been continuously accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) since 1974. Accreditation was last reaffirmed in 2013. A program review for reaffirmation of accreditation is expected to be completed in 2021.  The BSW Program self-study report can be accessed here in a three volume set:

  1. BSW Program Self-Study  Vol I  Report
  2. BSW Program Self-Study Vol II Program Course Syllabi
  3. BSW Program Self-Study Vol III Supporting Documents (includes field manual and department by-laws)
  4. CSWE Competency Reporting Form 2012
  5. CSWE Competency Reporting Form 2014 (updated)
  6. CSWE Competency Reporting Form 2016

Why accreditation is important:

1. National Standards of Program Quality: The social work program conforms to requirements for program academic content, field instruction, and program operation. Accreditation requires that programs not only have minimum faculty and support resources but that they have a well designed curriculum which prepares graduates for generalist professional practice. Accreditation requires that programs continuously monitor and evaluate themselves for program quality. It also requires that programs adhere to standards of nondiscrimination and provide opportunity for student involvement in governance. Complete information on accreditation standards is available from the Council on Social Work Education.
2. Enhanced Employment Opportunities: CSWE accredited status is beneficial for employment for the following reasons: a) The accredited BSW degree is preferred by many employers in the human services; b) It is required for some jobs, especially where third party payment by insurance providers is involved, and c) it is necessary for licensure as a social worker in many states with social work licensure.
3. Graduate Education: CSWE-accredited status is beneficial for obtaining advanced standing in Master in Social Work Programs throughout the nation. Although one may gain admission to an MSW program with other undergraduate degrees, completing the program would normally require approximately 60-credit hours over two academic years. CSWE-accredited BSW grads may often complete an MSW in one calendar year with about 45 credits. In addition, our graduates often test out of several required courses, enabling them to expand their educational experience with electives. Advanced standing policies vary from school to school. For more information, the Council on Social Work Education web site provides links to all accredited MSW programs.