Archivist File - Central Upper Michigan

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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives
Archivist File - Central Upper Michigan
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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives

Harden Learning Resources Center 126
1401 Presque Isle Ave
Marquette, Michigan, 49855

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Collection Inventory

Drawer 1 1999-2000 

Drawer 1



Authors--Works on the U.P. 

Catalogue-- Italian Immigration Interviews 

Churches--Baptist, Marquette 

Churches--Baptist, Wixom 

Churches--Catholic, Marquette 

Churches--Church of the Good Shepard, St. Ignace 


Churches--Episcopal, Marquette 

Churches--Episcopalian Diocese of Northern Michigan 

Churches--Episcopalian Diocese of Northern Michigan - List of Bishops 

Churches--Lutheran, Gwinn 

Churches--Lutheran, Ishpeming 

Churches--Luthernan, Negaunee 

Churches--Lutheran, Skandia 

Churches--Holy Transfiguration Skete 

Churches--Marquette Missionary 

Churches--Methodist, Ishpeming 

Churches--Methodist, Keweenaw 

Churches--Methodist, Marquette 

Churches--Methodist, Champion/Michigamme 

Churches--Methodist, Gwinn 

Churches--Methodist Episcopal, Marquette 

Churches--Presbyterian, Marquette 

Controversies--Wetland Dispute 

Controversies--Native American Mascots 

Crime--Drugs (Crystal Meth, CAT) 

Crime--Girard Killing 


Crime--Moilanen Case (Sweater Letter) 

Crime--Oklahoma City Bombing, Marquette Trial Site 

Directories--Chippewa County Representatives 

Directories--Copper County Intermediate School District Educational 

Directories--Luce County, County Officials and Representatives 

Directories--Mackinac County, Officials and Representatives 

Directories--Marquette County Telephone Directory; Jun. 1924 

Directories--Menominee County Intermediate School District Educational 

Directories--Michigan History Directory of Historical Societies, Museums, Agencies, and Commissions 2002 

Directories--Schoolcraft County 1979 

Directories--Upper Peninsula County Commissioners 

Directories--Upper Peninsula Officials and Representatives 

Disasters--Marquette Fire of 1868 

Disasters--Marquette Fire of 1938 

Disasters--Mine Cave-ins 

Disasters--Powder Mill 

Economics--Alger County 

Economics--Delta County 

Economics--Dickinson County 

Economics--Luce County 

Economics--Marquette, City of 

Economics--Marquette County 

Economics--Menominee County 

Economics--Schoolcraft County 

Economics--Upper Great Lakes Agenda 

Economics--Upper Peninsula 

Education--Gogebic Ontonagon Intermediate School District 

Education--Gwinn Area Schools 

Education--Ishpeming School District 

Education--Marquette/Alger Intermediate School District 

Education--Marquette Area Schools 

Education--Marquette, North Marquette School 

Education--Negaunee School District 

Education--New North Publications 

Education--Northern Michigan University 

Education--State of Michigan 

Environmental--Northland Environmental Studies Report 

Environmental--Trout Experiments at Pictured Rocks 

Environmental--Upper Peninsula 

Environmental--Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition 

Ethnic Groups--Finnish 

Ethnic Groups--Italian Americans 

Ethnic Groups--Jewish Americans 

Ethnic Groups--Keweenaw Bay Indian Community 

Ethnic Groups--Native Americans 

Ethnic Groups--Native American--Anishinabe--Anishinabe Today 

Ethnic Groups--Native American--AICC of Marquette County Newsletter 

Ethnic Groups--Native American--Ojibwe--Masinaigani: A Chronicle of Lake Superior Ojibwe 

Ethnic Groups--Polish 

Events--47th Annual Ski Tournament (1934) 

Events--Anatomy of a Murder Movie Filming 

Events--Art on the Rocks 

Events--Energy: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 

Events--Finn Fest 

Events--Fredeen Art Project 1990 

Events--Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival 

Events--High School Basket Ball Tournament for the Championship of the Upper Peninsula; 1917-1919, 1921-1926, 1929, 1930, 1933, 1934 

Events--Holiday Traditions 

Events--Inauguration of Governor Granholm and Lieutenant Governor John Cherry Jr. 

Events--Ingredients of Place; 2013 

Events--Italian Fest 

Events--Lake Superior Iron Ore Sesquicentennial 

Events--Marquette Centennial 

Events--Marquette County Fair 

Events--Marquette Scandinavian Midsummer; 2007 

Events--Michigan, State of Sesquicentennial 

Events--Musical Concerts 

Events--Niagara 50th Anniversary 1964 

Events-- Ojibwe Drum Songs 

Events--Pine Mountain Music Festival 

Events-- Quilt Show 

Events--Sesquicentennial Celebration 

Events--U.P. 200 Sled Dog Race 

Events--Upper Peninsula Exposition 

Events--Upper Peninsula Folklife Festival 

Events--Upper Peninsula State Fair 

Events--U.P. Fall Labor Conference 

Events--Upper Peninsula History Conference 

Events--Walk across Mackinac Bridge 

Food--Upper Peninsula 

Geology--Upper Peninsula 

Healthcare--Marquette General Hospital 

Healthcare--Upper Peninsula Health Education Corporation--Dominic J. Jacobetti 

Healthcare--Upper Peninsula 

Historic Museums and Archives--Alger County Historical Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Alger County Historical Society-"Alger Footprints" 

Historic Museums and Archives--Archives in Michigan 

Historic Museums and Archives--Bay Mills-Brimley Historical Research Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Bently Historical Library 

Historic Museums and Archives--Bishop Baraga Association and Archives 

Historic Museums and Archives--Bishop Baraga Association--"The Baraga Bulletin" 

Historic Museums and Archives--Carp River Forge Historical Site 

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Drawer 2 

Drawer 2

Historic Museums and Archives--Delta County Historical Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Delta County Historical Society--"The Delta Historian" 

Historic Museums and Archives--Federal Archives--Genealogical Research 

Historic Museums and Archives--Florence County Historical Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Forsyth Township Historical Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Forsyth Township Historical Society Newsletter 

Historic Museums and Archives--Fort Wilkins 

Historic Museums and Archives--Hermansville IXL Historical Museum 

Historic Museums and Archives--Hermansville IXL Historical Museum Newsletter 

Historic Museums and Archives--Historical Attractions 

Historic Museums and Archives--Historic Preservation 

Historic Museums and Archives--Houghton County Historical Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Iron County Historical and Museum Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Iron County Museum Archival Holdings 

Historic Museums and Archives--Ironwood Area Historical Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Keweenaw National Historical Park 

Historic Museums and Archives--K.I. Sawyer Heritage Air Museum 

Historic Museums and Archives--Labor Hall of Fame 

Historic Museums and Archives--Marquette County Historical Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Marquette Maritime Museum 

Historic Museums and Archives--Marquette Maritime Museum--McClintock Recognition Committee 

Historic Museums and Archives--Michigan Historical Center--"The Insider" 

Historic Museums and Archives--Michigan Historical Sites 

Historic Museums and Archives- Michigan Labor History and Education Initiative 

Historic Museums and Archives--Menominee Historical Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Michigan Iron Industry Museum 

Historic Museums and Archives--National Archives--Regional Resources 

Historic Museums and Archives--National Ski Hall of Fame and Marquette Range Iron Mining Theme Park 

Historic Museums and Archives--Negaunee Historical Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Republic Area Historical Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Shipwreck Historical Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--State of Michigan Archives 

Historic Museums and Archives--Upper Peninsula Catholic Historical Society 

Historic Museums and Archives--Upper Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame 

History--B-52 Crash at Sawyer Airport 

History--Civil Defense 

History--Civilian Conservation Camps 

History--Copper County 

History--Copper Mining 

History--Harlow's Wooden Man 

History--Harlow's Wooden Man--Marquette on a Vanishing Frontier by Richard F. O'Dell 

History--Historical Event--Massacre at the Little Big Horn 

History--Holy Family Orphanage 

History- Erie Mining Company 

History--Labor Unions 

History--Ku Klux Klan 

History--Lake Cusino 

History--Marquette's First Families 

History--Old City Hall 


History--Powder Mill 



History-- UP Earthquake 

History--Washington County 

Hunting/Fishing--Commercial Fishing 

Hunting/Fishing--Fly Fishing 

Hunting/Fishing--Nugent, Ted 


Iron Mining--Empire 

Iron Mining--Marquette 

Lakes--Great Lakes--Michigan Natural Resources Magazine--"A Tribute to the Great Lakes" 

Lakes--Great Lakes Historiography 



Lighthouses--Big Bay Point Lighthouse 

Lighthouses--Sand Point Lighthouse 

Local Observations--Paul Harvey 

Local Observations--Yoopers 


Lumbering--Logging Congress 

Lumbering--Logging Villages 

Marquette-- Police 


Mining--Calumet and Hecla Consolidated Copper Company 


Mining--CCI - Merger with Alpha Natural Resources - Cliffs Natural Resources 

Mining--Hydro Electric Plant of Penn Iron Mining Co. 

Mining--Iron Ore on Colby Hill--Gogebic Range 

Mining--Kennecott Eagle Mine Project 

Mining--Local 4950 News 

Mining--News Clippings 

Mining--Tourist Locations 

Mining Journal Article- Storm of 38' 


Mysteries--Kinross Incident 

Mysteries--Lake Superior 

Newsletter--Tin Cup Times-Voelker 

Newspaper-- Decade in Review 1970 


Newspapers--Marquette Papers 

Newspapers--Michigan Papers 

Ore Docks--Marquette Ore Docks 

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Drawer 3 

Drawer 3

Organizations--American Amateur Hockey Association 

Organizations--Boy Scouts of America 

Organizations--Central Lake Superior Watershed Partnership 

Organizations--Central Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Regional Commission 

Organizations--Central Upper Peninsula Sierra Club Newsletter 


Organizations--Girl Scouts of America 

Organizations--Italian Society 

Organizations--John D. Voelker Foundation 

Organizations--John Donaldson Voelker, Voelker Bibliography 

Organizations--Kitchi-Mi-Kana Cycling Club 

Organizations--Lake Superior Art Association 

Organizations--Lake Superior Theatre 

Organizations--League of Women Voters 

Organizations--League of Women Voters of Marquette County Newsletter 

Organizations--Log Cabin Society 

Organizations--Marquette Arts Council 

Organizations--Marquette Community Council 

Organizations--Marquette County Clubs and Organizations 

Organizations--Marquette County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Newsletter 

Organizations--Marquette Women's Club 

Organizations--Michigan State Grand Lodge 

Organizations--Michigan United Fund 

Organizations--Society for the Study and Advancement of Mental Hygiene 

Organizations--UP Paranormal Activities 

Organizations--Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association-- "The Written Word" Newsletter 

Organizations--Women's Center 

Organizations- Women's Center History 

Organizations--Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) 


People--Bishop Baraga 

People--Burt, William Austin 

People--Bush, John Michael 

People--Check, Ronn 

People--Cohodas, Sam M. 

People--Da Yoopers 


People--Jacobetti, Dominic 

People- Jewish 

People--Local Personalities 

People--Longyear Family 

People--Lundmark, Leon 

People--Monsignor Cappo 


People--Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe 

People--Seaborg, Glenn T. (1 of 2) 

People--Seaborg, Glenn T. (2 of 2) 

People--Shiras, George III (Photographer) 

People--Stupak, Bart 



People--Treloar, Wilburt H. (Immigrant Miner) 

People--Voelker, Don Pablo (aka Paul, John Voelker's Brother) 

People--Voelker, John D. 

People--Voelker, John D.--"Anatomy of a Murder" 

People--Voelker, John D.--Articles About Voelker 

People--Voelker, John D.--Articles Written By Voelker 

People--Voelker, John D.--"Laughing Whitefish" 

People- Wheeler, Adam 

Places--Albany Island 

Places--Alger County--Historical Record 

Places--Big Bay 

Places--Big Bay--Bay Cliff Health Camp 



Places--Chippewa County--Map 


Places--Delta County--Historical Records 

Places--Delta County--Information and Data 

Places--Dickinson County--Historical Information 

Places--Dickinson County--Information and Data 

Places--DJ Jacobetti Michigan Veterans Facility 

Places--Escanaba--Bay de Noc Community College 


Places--Fayette-Historical Sketch 

Places--Forsyth Township 

Places--Gladstone--Marble Arms (Interview with an Employee) 

Places--Gogebic County 

Places--Granot Loma 




Places--Humboldt Township 

Places--Iron County Amasa 

Places--Iron Mountain 

Places--Ishpeming Chamber of Commerce 




Places--Ishpeming--Pioneer Square 

Places--Isle Royale 

Places--K.I. Sawyer 

Places--K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base--AFB Disposals FEIS 

Places--Keweenaw Peninsula 




Places--Mackinac Bridge 

Places--Mackinac Island 

Places--Mackinac Island--Grand Hotel 

Places--Marquette--Ace Lawn and Garden 


Places--Marquette--Branch Prison 


Places--Marquette--Chamber of Commerce 

Places--Marquette--Club Marquette 

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Drawer 4 

Drawer 4


Places--Marquette--Commissioners Manager Annual Report 1950 

Places--Marquette--Court House 

Places--Marquette--Delft Theater 

Places--Marquette--Food Co-op 

Places--Marquette--Founders Landing 


Places--Marquette--Historical Events 

Places--Marquette--Historical Information 

Places--Marquette--Kaufman Auditorium 

Places--Marquette--Landmark Inn 


Places--Marquette--Mattson Lower Harbor 

Places--Marquette--Morgan Heights 

Places--Marquette--NEI Corp. 

Places--Marquette--Opera House 

Places--Marquette--Peter White Library 

Places--Marquette--Presque Isle 

Places--Marquette--Recreation Department Annual Report (1945) 


Places--Marquette--Ridge Street 

Places--Marquette-Shiras Pool 

Places--Marquette--Social Services 

Places--Marquette--U.P. Children's Museum 

Places--Marquette--Upper Peninsula Brewing Company 

Places--Marquette--Veterans of the State of Michigan and the D.J. Jacobetti Michigan Veterans Facility Roll of Honor 

Places--Marquette--Yankee Peddler 

Places--Marquette County--Historical Sketch 

Places--Marquette County--Information and Statistics 

Places--Menominee County--Data 

Places--Menominee County--Historical Sketch 

Places--Menominee River Hydraulic Dam 

Places--Michigamme--Numi's Service 

Places--Michigamme--History Division 


Places--Michigan--Outdoors Places--Michigan, State of--Proclamations 

Places--Michigan--Upper Peninsula History 


Places--Munising--Grand Island 

Places--Munising--Pictured Rocks 


Places--Negaunee--Historical Information 



Places--Ontonagon County 

Places--Paradise, Michigan 

Places--Place Names 



Places--Sault Ste. Marie 

Places--Schoolcraft County--Data 

Places--Schoolcraft County--Historical Information 

Places--Seney National Wildlife Refuge 

Places--Skandia--Heath's Hardware 



Places--Watton--""Pioneering in Watton was a tough but bountiful life"" 

Places--West Branch Township 

Politics--Michigan Politicians 

Politics--51st State Movement 

Publications--Above the Bridge 

Publications--Alger Footprints 

Publications--Delta Historian- Voelker 

Publications--The Detroit Marine Historian 

Publications--Directory of Camps for Children, Department of Social Services 

Publications--Drummond Island Digest 

Publications--EAS Communicator 

Publications--Elected and Appointed Public Officials 1993 

Publications--Episcopal Journal 

Publications--The Ford Legend: Official Newsletter of the Henry Ford Heritage Association 

Publications--Great Lakes Maritime Task Force 

Publications--God's Country 

Publications--Great Lakes Informant 

Publications- Heritage Trail 

Publications--The Hiawathan: Michigan's Upper Peninsula Magazine 1948 

Publications- The Historical Society of Michigan Chronical 

Publications--The Historical Society of Michigan Newsletters 

Publications--Inland Seas (Quarterly Journal of the Great Lakes Historical Society) 

Publications--The Insider 

Publications--Ironwood-Ironwood Daily Globe 

Publications--Journal of Popular Film and Television 

Publications--Local Truth 

Publications--LSCP Foundation E-Newsletter 

Publications--Marquette Community Foundation 2004 Annual Report 

Publications- Marquette Magazine 

Publications--Michigan Township News 

Publications--Michigan Women 

Publications--New Horizons 


Publications--Superior Wildlands 

Publications--Time Piece 


Publications--U.P. Blues News 

Publications--UP Enviornment 

Publications--Upper Peninsula Today 

Publications--Volunteer View 

Railway--Baldwin Locomotives 

Railway--Duluth South Shore Railroad 



Security--Tips for Travel 

Shipping--Great Lakes 


Shipwrecks--D.M. Clemson 

Shipwrecks--Edmund Fitzgerald 

Shipwrecks--Great Lakes Underwater Preserves 



Theater--Bijou Family Theater 


Theater--Dinner Theater 


Theater--Vista Theater Programs 

Theater--Wilderness Woods Repertory Company 

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Drawer 5 

Drawer 5

Tourism--Alger County--Brochures 

Tourism--Delta County--Brochures 




Tourism--Marquette-Harbor Tour Guide 


Tourism--Marquette County--Brochures 

Tourism--Michigan, State of--Brochures 

Tourism--Michigan--Upper Peninsula--Brochures 

Tourism--Michigan--Upper Peninsula--Travel Guides 


Tourism--Recreational Parks in the Kenweenaw Peninsula 

Tourism--SELLS (Senior Citizen Tourist Guides) 

Wars--Iraqi War 

Wars--Spanish-American War 

Wars--Vietnam War 



Harry Bottrell World War II Memorabilia 

Weather-- Record Snowfall 

Winter/Snow--Articles on U.P. Snow 

Winter/Snow--Haikki Lunta, Snow God 

Winter/Snow--Marquette Iron Ranger Hockey 


Winter/Snow--Suicide Hill 

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