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Conservation Crew

NMU Conservation Crew volunteers with various local, environmental organizations 1-3 times every week. Even if you are not interested in being involved with Crew, we are a good resource for nature-related volunteering opportunities that involve working outside. For more information, contact nmuconservationcrew@gmail.com.

MooseWood Nature Center

MooseWood is a non-profit nature center located at Presque Isle Park in Marquette and is looking for volunteers to host the center and welcome visitors, care for live animals during the week, help with visiting school groups and fundraisers like the Haunted Bog Walk in October. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Scot or Tiffany at 906-228-6250 or moosewoodnc@gmail.com.

Yellow Dog Water Preserve (YDWP)

YDWP offers three programs where volunteers are encouraged to participate: volunteer stream monitoring program, volunteer land monitoring program, and cooperative lakes monitoring program. Primarily volunteers are needed from May-October. A love of the outdoors in helpful. When participating, you will see new areas, meet new people, and get new experiences in any field pertaining to ecology. For more information, please contact Rochelle Dale at 906-345-9223 or at ydwp@yellowdogwatershed.org. Additional information can be found at www.yellowdogwatershed.org.



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