Curriculum support

Find links about Michigan Math and Science Curriculum resources and other online resources.  Materials from Seaborg Center workshops will also be posted here for teachers to access after workshops.

Equipment for loan

The Seaborg Center provides equipment for loan to teachers. There is a variety of equipment available, including a wolf educator box, graphing calculators, Vernier probes, Dewars cylinders, GPS units and a portable planetarium. Special training is required before some of the equipment may be borrowed.

NASA Educator Resource Center

The Seaborg Center is one of two NASA Educator Resource Centers in the State of Michigan. Teachers and informal educators may obtain free NASA materials from the center including teacher guides, posters, colored pictures and videos. The Center also arranges for NASA speakers and educational events. For information on all aspects of NASA, visit the homepage at

STARLAB Portable Planetarium

STARLAB offers the ideal solution for local schools who wish to familiarize students with astronomy. An inflated structure 16 feet across and 11 feet high, STARLAB can accommodate up to 25 students.

NASA Solar System Ambassador Presentations

Have presentations at your school to learn more about planets, comets, space telescopes or the sun in an interactive atmosphere.

Checkout Policy

Enjoy the full benefits of the Seaborg Center's resources by abiding by these policies.