2020 Winter Weekend College for Kids

Enrichment classes for students in grades K-6.
All classes run from 9 a.m. - noon | Cost $10


CANCELED | March 21, 2020


***Registration website***

Register online or contact the Seaborg Center at 227-2002

If your child is 5 years old before September 1 and is currently enrolled in Kindergarten, he/she is eligible to attend our College for Kids Program.

** During the winter months and the possibility of severe conditions, please refer to our Inclement Weather Policy **


Saturday, February 29, 2020

Grades K-1:  Surviving the Wild -  What does it take to keep an animal alive in the wild? You will be challenged to survive in certain environments like animals have to do. Will you be able to find food, water, and shelter? Can you survive?

Grades 2 - 3 Fight or Flight -  Paper airplanes provide an example of forces acting upon an object during flight. Join us to learn about forces and physics while creating your own paper airplane to test to see which will fly the longest.

Grades 4 - 6:  Wildfire:  Not in my backyard! - Lately, we have been hearing a lot about wildfires, but have you ever wondered what causes them? Together we will be diving into the smoke and putting out our own flames.


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Grades K-1:  Floating through Space Have you ever dreamed of traveling through space? Join us as we explore the different views and materials of space by creating our own constellations, solar systems, and moon rocks! Hop on Wildcat Willy’s Spaceship and become an astronaut for the day.  3, 2, 1 Blastoff!

Grades 2 - 3 Wacky Weather - Our weather sure is wacky! We will investigate different weather phenomenons and create clouds, condensation, ice, and tornadoes.

Grades 4 - 6Crazy Chemists - Come think like a chemist and learn about different types of chemical reactions from slime making to making plastic from home. At the end of the day, you’ll see how crazy chemistry can be!

The Seaborg Center accepts credit cards or checks payable to Northern Michigan University.

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For information, phone (906) 227-2002