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Mission Statement

The mission of the Glenn T. Seaborg Center is to enrich the knowledge and understanding of science and mathematics in the general public, particularly students and educators from preschool through college, in Michigan's Marquette and Alger counties, and in the Upper Peninsula.

Michigan Mathematics and Science Center Network

The Seaborg Center is a member of the Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network.  There are 33 regional centers in the Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network. These centers provide leadership, curriculum support, professional development and student services to educators in local school districts. The centers also serve as a resource clearinghouse for educational materials and information and work to foster community involvement in the areas of mathematics and science. The Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network supports the delivery of high quality mathematics and science education for the students of Michigan.

Monthly Activities:  Summer 2018

The Glenn T. Seaborg Mathematics and Science Center Five Year Strategic Plan