Sarah Schollmeyer

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Sarah Schollmeyer
Major: Public Relations
Hometown: Hudsonville, Mich.

My name is Sarah Schollmeyer, I am a junior at NMU and I am majoring in Public Relations. I chose PR because I want to be an educated leader for a living. Being in such an outward major comes with being loud and ready to go all the time; I have no problem with speaking publicly to anyone. I really enjoy working with others but have no problem with grunt work or independent work. My hobbies include drawing, engaging in my student groups and working at a donut shop at home. I am from a family of five, my parents both work for the Grand Rapids School system. Both of my parents try really hard to put me through college and manage my two younger sisters, Sophie and Isabelle. I have two dogs, two cats and a bearded Dragon.

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