Fees and Processing Time

NMU makes a reasonable effort to provide transcripts quickly. Each student's transcript request is equally important and transcript requests are processed in the order received. All transcript requests received in person or by mail are normally processed in two business days, not including the date received. If you need a transcript immediately, or for some other "emergency" reason, request a transcript online and choose the PDF option*. Electronic PDF's are automated and usually processed and sent to a designated email account in less than 15 minutes  [during busy periods - 2 hours] and this service operates 24 hours per day, seven days a week. 

Transcript Fees
Official Transcript $5
Unofficial Transcript $2
Electronic PDF Transcript* $8.25
One Day Service Transcript [walk-in] $15

*This service is only available to students who first enrolled at NMU Fall 1993 or later. Any student with attendance dates prior to Fall 1993 can only receive a paper copy.

Express Delivery Rates
Express delivery rates do not include transcript fee. The delivery rates listed are for transcripts mailed within the continental USA only.
The below fees do not cover the cost of postage to Alaska, Hawaii or International. Alaska, Hawaii and Canada - $65.00. International (South Korea, Turkey, etc.) -$80.00.

UPS Next Day $45
2 Day Postage $25