Proxy Access Info Web Page

Students have the option of sharing certain aspects of their academic record with others through our Proxy Access system. Granting access is done easily through the student’s mynmu account. All they need is the e-mail address of the person they want to give access to.

Information Available to Share

Through Proxy Access, students have the ability to share any or all of the following pieces of information with anyone they choose to designate as a Proxy.

  • Student Information (Major, Advisor, Residency, etc.)
  • Academic Holds
  • Student Schedule by day/time
  • Final Grades
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Degree Evaluation
  • Address and Phone Numbers
  • Emergency Contacts

For student instructions on how to grant access, go to Proxy Access – Student.

For parents and others designated as a proxy by the student, go to Parent Proxy Login.