AMCAS and LSAC Transcripts Send by Electronic Exchange (ETX)

Transcript Electronic Exchange (ETX) for AMCAS and LSAC (Medical School/Law School Application Services)

During selection of a recipient, the student must select “Education Organization (other than a school). I want my transcript to be sent to an education organization such as LSAC or AMCAS.



The student then selects AMCAS and is required to provide their AAMC Account Number as well as AMCAS Transcript ID Number.



Current Students

To order an official transcript(s), log into My.NMU. Click on the Student Services tab, then click the Order/Track Transcript link. Once you are at the NSC web site, select the Transcript Ordering/Tracking link at the bottom of the page.

Former Students

Click on this link: "Request a Transcript Online" and read the information! The green start button is below.