Women's Ice Hockey - Player Bios

2019 - 2020 NMU Women's Hockey Team


Bri Holman #1
Emma Vermette #10
Isabella Oldani #4

Year: Freshman
Major: Biochemistry
Experience: 11 years
Hometown: Chesterfield, MI
Why NMU: Why not?
Emmalynn Herbstritt #13
Faith Delgado #95
Shae Blewett #8

Year: Sophomore
Major: Criminal Justice
Experience: 15 years
Hometown: Ishpeming, MI
Why NMU: I can live at home and go online at NMU and continue playing hockey. So why not?

Katie Gobber #2

Jynessa Maninga #11

Year: Junior
Major: CLS Microbiology
Experience: 11 years
Hometown: Calumet, MI
Why NMU: They have a good CLS program and it's close to home but not too close
Nicole Cooke #6
Phoebe Moore #7

Sarah Marvin #14

Vivian Kowalske #19
Victoria Wozniak #22

Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science
Experience: 11 years
Hometown: Brighton, MI
Why NMU: Adventure and hockey
Angela Polomsky #24

Year: Freshman
Major: Pyschology
Experience: 10 years
Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan
Why NMU: Just great. Best of every world

Syd Higgins #91

Year: Senior
Major: Business Management
Experience: 15 years
Hometown: Marquette, Michigan
Why NMU: I can't live without my mom

Macy Schultz, Assistant Coach

Jim Higgins, Head Coach
Hometown: Marquette, MI