Wildcat Fit Zone Policies

Recreation Guidelines

  • Use of recreation facilities, programs and services is a privilege. Valid university or membership identification is required of all students.  Fraudulent use of identification to gain access to recreation facilities or programs will result in loss of all facility, membership and program privileges.
  • Harassment of university students, faculty, staff, members, guests or employees, disruption of activities, misuse of equipment, endangerment of others or willful destruction of property will result in loss of privileges and disciplinary actions involving NMU Public Safety (See NMU Student Handbook, Student Code).
  • Participation in programs, classes, and informal recreation contains an element of inherent danger including serious injury or even death. Participation in all activities is on a voluntary basis at the individual's own risk. All participants are strongly encouraged to undergo a physical examination and consult with their personal physician before participating in recreational activities.
  • Policies specific to recreational areas within the Wildcat Fit Zone may be found online or at the Fit Zone desk.

Patron and Membership Responsibilities
As a Rec Sports Member, Patrons have the responsibility to:

  • Read, understand, and abide by all policies and regulations of the Fit Zone and Programing areas
  • Respond to and cooperate with Rec Sports staff members
  • Be considerate to other patrons and Rec Sports staff members and respect their individual rights
  • Take responsibility for personal and community security. For example, patrons should not misuse safety equipment, prop open doors, allow individuals without valid passes into the Fit Zone, etc.
  • Recognize that recreation facilities and their furnishings are used by everyone and that abuse of those areas violates the rights of others

Wildcat Fit Zone Policies

  • All members using the Fit Zone, activity areas or programs, are required to present a valid NMU Student ID upon admittance.
  • Attire:
    • Shirts (t-shirts or full tank top completely covering the stomach/chest and back)
    • Athletic bottoms (without zippers or rivets)
    • Shoes must: be non-marking, fully enclose foot, and be clean/indoor shoes
    • Excessive clothing is not permitted (vinyl clothes, gloves, multiple layers)
  • Food, gum, and beverages are prohibited. Note: Water bottles with a lid are permitted in Fit Zone areas.
  • Alcoholic beverages, smoking, and tobacco products are not allowed in the Wildcat Fit Zone or other activity areas.
  • Profanity or vulgar language is not allowed. Any display of poor conduct, abusive language, fighting, or willful destruction of NMU property may result in loss of facility privileges.
  • Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblades, and Weapons are prohibited.
  • Cameras, web cams, and video cameras are not allowed to be used unless prior permission is granted from NMU Rec Sports Administration.
  • Personal Items should be secured in cubbies.  NMU Rec Sports is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.
  • Participants utilize all facilities, activity areas, and programs “at your own risk”.
  • The Wildcat Fit Zone incorporates the entire student code of NMU into its rules. All county, state, and federal laws will apply as needed.
  • Individuals wishing to utilize the facility on their own must be a current NMU Student with a valid Rec Pass

Fit Zone Studio

  • Participants must have a fitness pass or hand stamp depending on the type of class or studio that the class is held in
  • Participants must return and clean equipment, weights, and mats after being used
  • Participants must wear appropriate attire and indoor athletic shoes
  • Participation is “at your own risk”
  • ​Student members may reserve the Fit Zone Studio for no more than one hour per day per individual or group. Reservations can be taken over the phone or in-person at the Fit Zone desk.
  • There is a limit of 20 participants per group fitness class or group reservation within the Fit Zone fitness studio.

Cardio and Weight Areas

  • Proper attire is required (shirt, fully enclosed shoe, shorts)
  • No Chalk
  • Do not drop or stand on: Dumbbells or Benches
  • Return all equipment when finished using
  • Equipment or machines should be cleaned after use
  • Equipment should be used in a safe manner, consistent with manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • The NMU Athletic & Rec Sports Departments hold the exclusive right to all personal training in the facility. Any trainers not employed by NMU Rec Sports are not permitted to train clients within the Fit Zone.
  • Patrons may not bring in personal weight or resistance training equipment or machine(s)
  • 30 minute time limit on all cardio machines
  • Weights and running backward is not allowed on the treadmills/incline trainers

Photography and Video Policy

  • Individuals wishing to take pictures or use a video tape recorder in the Fit Zone must be approved in advance by Rec Sports full time staff.