Pool Area Rules

Pool Area and Lap Pool Rules

1. Hand stamps and showers are required before patrons may utilize the pool.

2. Swimming is allowed only when a Rec Sports lifeguard is on duty.

3. An adult (18 or older) must accompany any non-member child under the age of 14.

     a.) An adult member (18 or older) must be present in the PEIF building if their member child is 12 years of age or less and can pass the swim test.

4. Children age 5 or under must have an adult (18 or older) with them in the water at all times.

5. Lifeguards have the discretionary authority to require a parent or guardian to be in the water with a child over 5 years of age whom they judge to be a weak swimmer.

6. Swimsuits are required. Cut-off shorts, pants, shoes, or t-shirts are prohibited swim attire.

7. Lap swimmers may be required to circle swim when lane use exceeds two patrons.

8. The pool may be closed or have restricted use due to competitive events, special events, programs, or rentals.

9. Life jackets are available for use in both the diving well and lap pool. Personal flotation devices must be approved by lifeguards before use.

10. Running, rough play, intoxication, public displays of affection, and profanity are prohibited.

11. Glass containers and food are not permitted in the pool area.

12. Hanging on lane lines and the use of starting blocks is prohibited.

13. Only towels, deck footwear, and items necessary for swimming are allowed on deck. All other personal belongings must be stored in a locker.

14. Rec Sports Lifeguards have the discretionary authority to revoke swimming privileges and/or close the pool when deemed necessary.

15. Three whistle blasts may signal an emergency. Exit the pool immediately and look to the lifeguard for further instruction.

Pool Area Health Rules

1. Individuals with open wounds or infectious diseases or conditions are prohibited from using the pool or diving well.

2. Casts may not be worn in the pool.

3. Swim diapers are required for all children not toilet trained. Diapers should be changed in locker rooms or bathrooms, not on the pool deck.

4. Do not swim when you have diarrhea or other flu-like symptoms.

Diving Well Rules

1. A 50 yard swim test is required for those under age 14 before diving well may be used.

2. One bounce is allowed on the diving board.

3. All dives from diving boards must be forward dives or flips. Diving from the wall must be done facing forward.

4. Adjustment of diving board fulcrum and use of the platform is prohibited.

5. Diving boards open daily at 1pm.

6. Swimming, treading water, or diving under the diving boards is prohibited.

7. Rings, bricks, and toys are prohibited.

8. Patrons in life jackets may only use the 1m diving board.

9. Diving or jumping deemed unsafe, in the judgment of the lifeguard, will be prohibited.

Sauna Rules

1. Sauna use is limited to Rec Members ONLY!

2. Long exposure to sauna temperatures may result in nausea, dizziness, and fainting.

3. Members should not exceed 20 minutes in the sauna.

4. Consult your physician before using the sauna.

5. Members must use a towel or cloth barrier between their skin and the sauna bench.

6. Members must shower before they use the sauna.

7. The sauna is a dry sauna; do not throw copious amounts of water onto rocks.

8. Disorderly or inappropriate conduct within the sauna will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the facility.