Virtual Fitness Classes

In-Person Fitness Classes

In-person classes will resume during winter semester.


*Classes at Fit Zone are for NMU students only

Virtual Fitness Classes 

NMU Rec Sports is proud to offer our members a free virtual line up of fitness classes during our summer fitness session. 

How does virtual fitness work? Members would click on the registration link next to the class description. Once registration is completed, participants will then receive an email with two or more videos to watch and workout at home, as many times as desired. If you are satisfied with the class, you can always request the additional classes (6 total) by going back and filling out the form. 

Who can participate? Anyone with a current Rec Membership.

What will I need to participate? Participants will need access to internet and the ability to watch a pre-recorded zoom video. All classes will be modified to use equipment that you can find around your home in lieu of weights/bands/bars/blocks or may not require equipment at all. 

Which classes are offered? All of our virtual fitness classes that we offer are listed below, new classes are designated as NEW while other classes have been offered in previous sessions. 

Intermediate Yoga NEW Fall Session 2 

Led by Mary Connor ERYT 500

To register for this course click here

Yoga with Amanda NEW Fall Session 2

Led by Amanda Hofacker

To register for this course click here

Pilates NEW Fall Session 2 

A 40 minute class that targets your "POWERHOUSE". Your core will be the focus incorporating traditional core exercises, balance and low impact standing dynamic movements. No equipment needed.

Led by Charise Baker 

To register for this course click here

Flow Yoga
A moderate paced yoga class to move the body, center the mind, and change your attitude for the day. Classes are 30 minutes long. All you need is a quiet space. Carpet or a yoga mat. 
Led by Mary Connor ERYT 500 

To register for this course click here

Transformational Meditation
Have you ever wanted to try meditation? This class will teach you to successfully harness the tools of meditation. Learn stress relief through daily meditation as well as some lifestyle changes to get us through COVID-19 and beyond. Quieting the mind is the goal. A life of peace, joy, fulfillment is actually achievable through this process. These classes will be 20 minutes long and each class will build on the previous class to increase your meditation techniques and help quiet the mind for longer durations. No equipment needed.
Led By Mary Connor Certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor

To register for this course click here

Yoga Workshop Mini Series
Each class will focus on a different theme and/or body part. With the series including: Yoga for Strength, Yoga for Hips, Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga for Lower Body, Yoga for Tight Shoulders, & Yoga for Core. Each class will last between 20-30 minutes. No equipment needed, simply use your carpet, a mat or a towel. 
Led By Amanda Hofacker

To register for this course click here

Yoga Flow
This class incorporates basic yoga and tai chi moves and is set to awesome music! Great stretching and balance round out a perfect 30 minute workout to get your energy flowing.  A smile during this class is a requirement! No equipment needed. 
Led By Lynne Mestnik

To register for this course click here

Power 50
A 50 minute strengthening class that targets all the muscle groups. This class is set to upbeat music while keeping the “fun in fitness” mindset. You can use weights or things you can find around the house for resistance, your instructors will give you ideas.
Led by Charise Baker & Lynne Mestnik

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Core & More 
A 40 minute class that targets your “POWERHOUSE”. Your core will be the focus incorporating traditional core exercises, balance and low impact standing dynamic movements. No equipment needed.
Led By Charise Baker & Lynne Mestnik

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A 30-40 minute Pilates class using calm modern music. This class incorporates Pilates exercises allowing you to work on flexibility and strengthen your abs and back muscles for functional daily activities such as hiking, horseback riding, golf, tennis, water activities and just life in general.  Your posture will improve along with your muscle-mind awareness. No equipment needed.
Led by Charise Baker

To register for this course click here

STRONG Nation 
This is a HITT (high intensity TEMPO training) class! Every move is perfectly synced to music creating a workout that will push you to the next level! We have modifications and progressions making this workout easily accessible for everyone! This class will last between 30-40 min minutes. No equipment needed.

Led by Meli Loonsfoot

To register for this course click here

Fitness Bundle

Four different types of classes make up this bundle. Participants would receive Power 50 for strengthening and fitness fun, Yoga Flow for balance and flexibility, Core and More to target your whole “POWERHOUSE” and Pilates for enhancing daily activities outside of the gym. 

Led by Lynne Mestnik and Charise Baker

To register for this course click here

Please contact NMU Rec Sports if you have any questions:

NMU Rec Sports Virtual Fitness Checklist
We know that virtual fitness classes can be outside of the norm for a lot of our patrons. We wanted to make sure that the experience runs as smoothly as possible. 
Here are some tips to ensure the best virtual workout possible: 
  1. Make sure computer software is up to date: This can be as simple as shutting down and restarting your computer or doing a more advanced update. 
  2. Find a quiet and open space: Minimize the amount of noise, items on the floor, or people around. This will help you avoid environmental hazards and give you a chance to focus on your workout.
  3. Workout near your router:The closer you are to your router the better, this will allow for the best signal. Plug in an ethernet cord directly to your computer for the best results. 
  4. Close other applications running on your computer: Any unnecessary windows or programs that are open can cause your computer to run slower than normal. Closing these down will speed up your processing abilities. 
  5. Plug your device in or charge it in advance: This will keep the device from dying in the middle of the workout.
  6. Put on comfortable athletic clothing: Loose fitting clothing and supportive shoes can give you freedom of movement. 
  7. Keep a water bottle or towel near you: Stay hydrated during your workout and keep any sweat from entering your eyes. 
  8. Enjoy yourself : The most important tip is have fun and be safe, know your limits. 
Bonus Tips: 
  1. Connect to your T.V.: Connect your computer to your smart tv or to any tv with an HDMI cord. Your sound and picture will be enhanced. 
  2. Connect to a sound system: Wireless speakers, wireless headphones, or surround sound can help you hear the videos clearly.


Fitness Class Guidelines (In person classes)

Participants must check in at PEIF Rec Center/Fit Zone front desk to receive a group exercise pass. All participants must have membership participate. Participants should bring their own equipment (mats/water bottles/blocks/bands) to some classes.

All NMU Sports Complex schedules are subject to change without notification. Every effort will be made to post changes and cancelations of classes on this Web page and outside the studio 24 hours in advance.  Questions about fitness and wellness programs can be emailed to or you can call 906-227-2519.
For a list of group fitness studio rules, click here.

Fitness Class Levels

Novice- *
For participants who are new to classes in a group setting, or need help to start an exercise program. These classes focus on technique, terminology and intensity with an emphasis on proper form.

Energy- **
Designed for any fitness level to add a quick energy boost during his/her day. These classes focus on technique, intensity and proper form.

Enhance- ***
For participants who enjoy physical activity on a regular basis that are looking for a challenge in his/her day. These classes focus on enhancement of intensity, proper form and technique.

Advance- ****
For participants who are looking for a challenge to his/her normal day.  These classes focus on advanced fitness moves, techniques and extra motivation to get you through the class period.

Checkout the Health & Wellness website for fitness tips and more!