General Rules

Climbing and Bouldering Wall

1. May not be used unless open.

2. All climbers (both youth and adult) must have a signed liability waiver on file, before the wall(s) may be used.

3. An adult (18 or older) must accompany any non-member child, 14 years of age or younger. Waivers for youth under age 18 must be signed by a legal parent/guardian before wall use.

4. Climbers must sign in at the ORC desk before climbing or bouldering.

5. All climbers must be supported by an NMU certified belayer.

6. Always use proper belay and climbing commands.

7. The adjustment or rearrangement of hand holds is not permitted.

8. Spotters and/or crash pads are required if bouldering is performed.

9. Harnesses must be double backed at the waist and at the leg loop buckles when being used by climbers and belayers.

10. Always check and double check knots, harnesses, belay system, and check to see that slack is taken out before the climb begins.

11. ORC staff reserves the right to revoke climbing wall privileges to anyone who refuses to follow policies or climbs/belays in a manner that endangers themselves or others.

12. Only climbers are allowed into the climbing wall area. Non-climbers must stand or sit outside of the crash pad area.

13. The use of “loose” chalk is not permitted.