General Information

The NMU Sport Club Program is the administrative body for all club sport teams that have been approved by NMU Recreational Sports. The Sport Club Program was created to bridge the gap that often exists between intramural sports and intercollegiate athletics. Each club is formed, developed, governed and led by the student membership of that club working in unison with the Rec Sports department staff. The key to the success of any club and the program overall is the interest, active involvement and dedicated leadership of the students who participate. Sport clubs are guided by the rules and regulations governing all NMU students, as well as the guidelines established by the Recreational Sports department.  All club sports participants must also follow the guidelines of the Sport Club Program Handbook.

Membership costs vary from team to team, as do the time and length of each club’s season.  Some travel is required of team members, as sports clubs play teams at other universities.  Most of the squads are open to all interested NMU students, although some of the teams have minimum skills requirements that must be met to participate and/or tryouts.

The availability of sport club team offerings changes each year based on student interest.


To learn more about a specific sport club for 2018-2019, contact the team leaders listed here.

For Sport Club questions or information, contact the Rec Sports office at 906-227-2519.

For current sport club participants – to set up a meeting with the Sport Club Coordinator, please call the Rec Sports office, at 906-227-2519.

In regards to Sport Club web pages or updating photographs, please contact the Rec Sports office at 906-227-2519.