Figure Skating - Player Bios

2019-2020 Figure Skating Team

Maria Nagel (President)
Year: Junior
Major: International Studies/ Mathematics
Experience: 18 years
Hometown: Stevens Point, WI
Why NMU? I’ve always looked forward to visiting Marquette and the UP, and with Northern I am able to continue skating while living in a place I love.
Emily Helgren (Vice President)
Year: Sophomore
Major: Elementary Education
Experience: 12 years
Hometown: Marquette, MI
Why NMU? It is affordable and their education program is really good.
Kailey MacDonald (Secretary)
Year: Senior
Major: Neuroscience/Behavior and Cognitive
Experience: 13 years
Hometown: Southgate, MI
Why NMU? For the small campus and research opportunities.
Kendall Phillips (Treasurer)
Year: Sophomore
Major: Environmental Science
Experience: 10 years
Hometown: Slinger, WI
Why NMU? I really liked it.
Sydney Voss
Year: Senior
Major: Nursing
Experience: 16 years
Hometown: Marquette
Why NMU? I chose NMU because it has a great nursing program, it’s in my hometown, and it has a
skating team!
Heidi Christiansen
Year: Junior
Major: Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management
Experience: 1 year
Hometown: Potterville, MI
Why NMU? The UP is cool.
Caleigh Dahn
Year: Junior
Major: Zoology
Experience: 0 years
Hometown: Watervliet, MI
Why NMU? Research opportunities, location, and programs.

Jasmine Burke
Year: Freshman
Major: Surgical Technology
Experience: 16 years
Hometown: Marquette, MI
Why NMU? I had a scholarship that I couldn't refuse.

Janel Voss
Year: Freshman
Major: Pre-Nursing
Experience: 16 years
Why NMU? It's close to home.