Drop in Classes

Drop-In Fitness Classes



Participants must check in at PEIF Rec Center front desk to receive hand stamp or fitness studio pass. All participants must have membership or purchase a day pass to participate.

All NMU Sports Complex schedules are subject to change without notification. Every effort will be made to post changes and cancelations of classes on this Web page and outside the studio 24 hours in advance.  Questions about fitness and wellness programs can be emailed to recsport@nmu.edu or you can call 906-227-2519.
For a list of group fitness studio rules, click here.

Ballet Barre*

Using postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like yoga and Pilates. The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength.

Level of intensity: Beginner

Functional Power Flow*

Join us in our functional movement yoga class to find maximum engagement and mobility in your body in each asana (pose). Step into the present moment and connect with your breath. Enjoy warming up your body followed by a relaxing cool down.

Level of intensity: Beginner/Intermediate


Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it. Everyone modifies to their own ability. Laughter, sweat, and getting loud are highly encouraged!

Level of intensity: Beginner/Intermediate



A perfect blend of deep muscle toning, stretching and balancing with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement. A challenging and safe way to sculpt your body and increase agility.

Level of intensity: Intermediate/Advanced

Power 50**

Using barbells and benches to perform high reps and dynamic movements, our energetic teachers Lynne and Charise will help you to sculpt lean muscle across all of your major muscle groups. This class will leave you sweating and craving more.

Level of intensity: Beginner/Intermediate

Yin Yoga*

Restorative and grounding poses are held for 3-5 minutes at a time to enhance flexibility and inner peace.

Level of intensity: Beginner

Group Strength Training*

A full body, high-intensity resistance circuit that will help you burn fat and boost your metabolism.

Level of intensity: Beginner/Intermediate 

Vinyasa Yoga**

This class offers slow flow and faster flow transitions through challenging poses to enhance strength, endurance and balance.

Level of intensity: Beginner/Intermediate

Basics of Boxing*

Train like a fighter and learn the basics of punching. Everyone is welcome, no experience or equipment needed. Class will focus on strength and cardtio training to through the use of boxing techniques to get into shape. 

Level of intensity: Beginner

Power Vinyasa

This modified class focuses on the traditional ashtanga vinyasa primary series sequence, put together by K.  Pattabhi Jois. In this class I removed many of the ashtanga poses in order to focus on the core poses that intermediate practitioners will be able to perform. All of the poses that I have selected are very well known poses that many vinyasa classes use on a regular basis. The idea of this class is to build a basic foundation for students so that they may have a sequence to take with them and practice anywhere. The sequence will never change in this class.

Level of Intensity: Intermediate

CORE and more…:

HIIT:  30 minutes of CORE work incorporating Pilates and Yoga flow.  Followed by 20 minutes of low impact interval training to boost your metabolism.  

Level of Intensity: Intermediate


This high energy class is designed to take your yoga and fitness to the next level. Expect advanced yoga flows, HIIT, cardio and core work to heat you up and then some restorative stretching to cool you down. This is a challenging yet judgment-free class, yoga and exercise experience are recommended but NOT mandatory. Bring water, a towel, and a friend and be ready to have fun, move and sweat! 

Level of Intensity: Beginner/Intermediate


Release & Restore

This class begins with an all level slow flowing Vinyasa linking your breath to your movement for strength, balance and energy then ending with calm and restorative yin poses to increase flexibility, relieve stress and detox the mind and body.

Level of Intensity: Beginner/Intermediate 


Yoga for Emotional Wellness:

Incorporates breathing exercises, meditation, and specific postures that target the parasympathetic nervous system to promote calmness of the mind for anyone who struggles with emotional distress. Multiple studies have shown that yoga can help ease symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and depression. Students or faculty who struggle with anxiety, insomnia, or depression will find this safe and welcoming yoga environment helpful in promoting balance and reducing stress in their lives. Please bringa water bottle and wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. No prior experience with yoga needed.

Level of Intensity: Beginner 


Functional Power Yoga

Is a Vinyasa Flow that incorporates mobility of the body and functional movement. Lift your heart rate and then enjoy a relaxing cool down. Open to all levels. 

Level of Intensity: All levels 

VinYin Yoga
This 60-minute slightly heated class will combine elements of both Vinyasa (Yang) Yoga for building heat, strength, and energy, and Yin Yoga to cultivate breath work, longer holds, and fluidity in the connective tissues and joints. For the first 30 minutes of class we will flow breath to movement while warming up the body, transitioning for the final 30 minutes of class into a Yin practice where we will take long, juicy holds to open up and release the deepest layers of our body. You can expect to leave class feeling calm, peaceful, and balanced after this healing practice. 


STRONG by Zumba is a revolutionary HITT (high intensity TEMPO training) class where we take basic exercises like burpees, push ups, squats, add in some kickboxing and match them with empowering lyrics and electrifying beats! This class is designed to push your limits and leave you feeling like you can conquer anything! Modifications and progressions provided so you can achieve a safe, effective, sweaty workout! The results you’ll see and feel showing up to STRONG by Zumba will keep you coming back. “Let the beat take you further.”

Level of Intensity: All Levels

Fitness Class Levels

Novice- *
For participants who are new to classes in a group setting, or need help to start an exercise program. These classes focus on technique, terminology and intensity with an emphasis on proper form.

Energy- **
Designed for any fitness level to add a quick energy boost during his/her day. These classes focus on technique, intensity and proper form.

Enhance- ***
For participants who enjoy physical activity on a regular basis that are looking for a challenge in his/her day. These classes focus on enhancement of intensity, proper form and technique.

Advance- ****
For participants who are looking for a challenge to his/her normal day.  These classes focus on advanced fitness moves, techniques and extra motivation to get you through the class period.

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