Dance - Player Bios




Madison Blom

Year: Sophomore
Major: Clinical Lab Sciences with an emphasis in Radiology
Experience: 15 years
Hometown: Menominee, Michigan
Why NMU: Beautiful area, perfect distance from home and dance minor



​Samantha Bray

Year: Freshman
Major: Digital Cinema
Experience: 16 years
Hometown: Marquette, Michigan
Why NMU: I love Marquette!


Kelsie Cumber

Year: Freshman
Major: Nursing
Experience: 15 years
Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Why NMU: Wonderful nursing program, wanted to get out of Wisconsin

Sarah Fosco

Year: Sophomore
Major: Forensic Biochemistry, Pre-med
Experience: 14 years
Hometown: Marquette, Michigan
Why NMU: Close to home, good Pre-Med program

Elle Gallagher

Year: Sophomore
Major: Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
Experience: 15 years
Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Why NMU: I love Marquette and the Clinical Sciences program is great

Becca Gerrits *Co-President

Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology - Physiology
Experience: 17 years
Hometown: Little Chute, Wisconsin
Why NMU: Because Northern, naturally

​Becca Kowalik *Co-President

Year: Junior
Major: Business Management
Experience: 13 years
Hometown: Brighton, Michigan
Why NMU: It's away from home

Jayme L'Huillier

Year: Freshman
Major: Multimedia Journalism
Experience: 15 years
Hometown: Marquette, Michigan
Why NMU: Close to friends and family, smaller class sizes, good work experience opportunities

Olivia Manganello

Year: Freshman
Major: Biology, Pre-Med
Experience: 14 years
Hometown: Commerce Twp., Michigan
Why NMU: The area, Pre-Med program, Freshman Fellows program

Katja Olari

Year: Freshman
Major: Nursing
Experience: 10 years
Hometown: Walled Lake, Michigan
Why NMU: Great nursing program, beautiful area
paulsen_0.png Nara Paulsen *Coach

Year: Graduate Student
Major: Exercise Science
Experience: 20 years
Hometown: New Brighton, Minnesota
Why NMU: Graduate Assistanship, close to family
purmal_0.png Katie Purmal

Year: Sophomore
Major: Nursing
Experience: 16 years
Hometown: Merril, Wisconsin
Why NMU: The nursing program is great and Marquette is a beautiful place
rapp_0.png Ellen Rapp

Year: Freshman
Major: Forensic Biochemistry
Experience: 14 years
Hometown: Pinckney, Michigan
Why NMU: It's a new environment compared to lower Michigan
rudnick_0_0.png Madison Rudnick

Year: Sophomore
Major: Clinical Lab Sciences
Experience: 17 years
Hometown: Champlin, Minnesota
Why NMU: The scenery is beautiful year round
ruuska_0.png Olivia Ruuska

Year: Freshman
Major: Nursing
Experience: 10 years
Hometown: Marquette, Michigan
Why NMU: Close to home but I can easily meet new people in the same major as myself
sekloch_0.png Nicole Sekloch

Year: Freshman
Major: Psychology, Pre-Med
Experience: 15 years
Hometown: Richmond, Michigan
Why NMU: Beautiful scenery, Pre-Med, Psychology and Freshman Fellowship program
yockey_0.png Natalie Yockey

Year: Freshman
Major: Psychology
Experience: 11 years
Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan
Why NMU: Beautiful scenery, get out of my comfort zone