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Leaf clean-up

It is necessary for the Crew team to raise money in order to subsidize the purchase of new equipment with which to race.  Rent-A-Rower is the main fundraising activity of NMU Crew.  Through Rent-A-Rower members of the community can hire groups of rowers to do various tasks for them.  Shoveling snow and raking leaves are the group's most predominate activities although projects are not limited to these.  Rent-A-Rower can also clean gutters, clean houses, move furniture or other heavy objects, help move into or out of a house, clear brush or any other needed tasks.

shoveling snow
How Rent-A-Rower works

Rowers are placed in groups based on individual schedules.  These groups are then available for rent throughout the week, Monday thru Friday, as reflected in the schedule below.  According to the needs of the patron a small or large group of individuals can be arranged for a one day project or over the course of many days.  Rent-A-Rower is also available to do weekend jobs in which large portions of the team can be made available to do massive projects.

If you are interested in hiring NMU Crew to do work for you, please contact either of our rent a rower chairs and they will set up a time that works best to send a group to your house or business.

Larisa Melbarde -
Danielle Nelson -

Leaf blowing

    Shoveling more snow