Climbing Wall Policies

  1. All PEIF building rules and policies must be followed.
  2. The climbing wall is to be used only during scheduled open hours with climbing wall staff on site.
  3. All climbers (both youth and adult) must have a signed liability waiver form on file to use the climbing wall.
  4. Climbers are expected to follow recommendations and requests of climbing wall managers and staff.
  5. Shoes must be worn for all climbing activities, including walking and belaying on the crash pad. Only shoes with clean soles will be allowed on the wall. Shoes designed for technical rock climbing or clean, soft-soled tennis shoes are highly recommended.
  6. Climbers who wish to belay must complete a belay training session and be approved by the appropriate NMU Recreational Sports staff. Children 14 and over may be approved to belay.
  7. A parent or guardian must accompany children under the age of 12. Participants must be at least 5 years of age to climb the top rope wall provided they meet the harness fitting requirements. There is no age restriction to boulder; however, adult supervision is required for children under the age of 12.
  8. All climbers must be belayed by an individual who has a current belay certification card (adults or children 14 and older) or by the climbing wall staff.
  9. No one with an active (bleeding/discharging) wound may use the climbing wall. The wound must be covered and then approved by the climbing wall staff.
  10. Food and drinks (including water) are not allowed on the crash pad. Please keep water bottles on the carpet.
  11. Climbers may use personal climbing shoes, harnesses, belay devices and chalk. Harnesses and belay devices must be visually checked by staff before use. Loose chalk is not allowed at or around the climbing wall. Climbers are required to use chalk balls to reduce build up on holds and spills on the carpet.
  12. An ATC and locking carabiner will be used for all belays. Belays must be from the belayer's harness. The use of anchors while belaying is strongly recommended.
  13. Bouldering is not allowed to occur below roped climbers. Bouldering climbers must stay below twice their height. No climbers may boulder above the first quickdraw.
  14. It is required that all participants bouldering have at least one person spotting them as they boulder.
  15. Changes of orientation of holds, climbing route and overall wall configuration are made by the climbing wall staff at designated times only.
  16. Climbers may wear jewelry at their own risk with the understanding that NMU Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports is not responsible for any damages.
  17. Some form of belayer/climber communication must take place before each and every climb to ensure safety. Details will be covered in the belay certification process, but the recommended commands between the belayer and climber are as follows:
  18. Climber


    1. On Belay?

    1. Belay On.

    2. Climbing?

    2. Climb On.

  19. Unsafe climbing practices must be brought to the immediate attention of NMU Recreational Sports staff. All climbers are asked to assist and encourage less experienced climbers.
  20. All accidents or equipment damage should be immediately reported to NMU Recreational Sports staff.
  21. Northern Michigan University and NMU Recreational Sports staff reserves the right to restrict or deny use of the climbing wall for violation of climbing wall policies or intentional unsafe acts.

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