Northern Michigan University’s Records Management Department oversees and manages both physical and electronic records created during University regular operations. The records we manage differ from NMU’s Archives, who manage historical NMU and local records.Rows of boxes in the University Records Center

The Records Management Department has four main functions:

  1. Working with departments to create Records Retention Schedules
  2. Storing and managing of records once they have left the department
  3. Confidential destruction of records
  4. Records management training and assistance

Records Retention Schedules

A Records Retention Schedule identifies records created or received by the University and specifies how long the records must be retained. To create our Records Retention Schedules, we meet with departments to inventory what records they produce, and then determine how long the record should be retained based on NMU policies, accreditation standards, department operations, and state and federal law.

The retention schedule and a guide to their use can be found on the What Records to Retain/What can be Destroyed page.


The Records Management Department stores and manages department records at the University Records Center (URC) in the Services building. Department records that are permanent or seldom used, but according to the retention schedule are required to be retained, should be transferred to the URC for storage. We will pick up records, store them securely, retrieve them for your use when needed, and destroy them when their retention period ends.

Links to the storage and retrieval request forms can be found on our Homepage.

Confidential Destruction

When records reach the end of their retention period and can be destroyed, Records Management and Central Services can assist in their destruction. If the records are non-confidential, departments can destroy documents in their own preferred manner. If the records are confidential, contact Records Management and we will coordinate with Central Services to assure proper confidential destruction.

To arrange records destruction, review the Confidential Record Destruction page.

Training and Assistance

Proper records management is a complicated process, but we are happy to work with you in formulating management plans and answering questions!

Contact us by phone: 906-227-1241; or by email: managerecords@nmu.edu