Instructions for Purchase Requisition

A purchase requisition is a form used to request purchase of supplies, equipment and services over $2,500.  To complete a purchase requisition form, you will be asked to provide the following:

  1. Date of request
  2. Name of person making request
  3. Name of requesting department
  4. Authorized signature (department head)
  5. Person to who and location (building and room number), to which delivery should be made
  6. Organization number to be charged
  7. Approval by Accounting for expenditure on Plant Fund and Grant accounts.
  8. Designate if vendor will require access to NMU data or confidential information
  9. Date or use intended to guide alternative action in case of difficulty
  10. Suggested vendor address
  11. Special delivery (location) other than Central Receiving
  12. Quantity requested
  13. Unit of measure, such as box, ea, etc.
  14. Complete description of item
  15. Unit price of item
  16. Total price of requisition