Online and Hybrid Programs in the Department of Psychological Science

Online and Hybrid Programs in the Department of Psychological Science

The Department of Psychological Science is actively involved in online and off-campus learning opportunities through Northern Michigan University’s Global Campus. NMU’s Global Campus houses all online and extended learning academic programs and oversees the first of its kind Educational Access Network, providing broadband LTE internet access to students throughout the region. The Department of Psychological Science currently hosts two undergraduate programs through the Global Campus, the Psychology Major and the Assistant Behavior Analyst Certificate. Useful information about these programs for current and prospective students are provided below. To apply for either (or both) of these programs, visit the Global Campus Apply Now page.


Psychology Major (Hybrid Programs)

The Psychology Major provides a strong introduction to the basic principles and theories in the Psychological Sciences as well as coverage on the primary content areas in this discipline. Those seeking a Psychology major may pursue certain careers where a bachelor’s degree in Psychology is helpful or may pursue graduate programs in Psychology, such as experimental or clinical psychology. The Psychology Major is available for both on-campus students and for global campus students. For global campus students, there is a path for taking required and optional courses for the major entirely online. The Psychology Major is listed below, but courses typically offered online are noted in bold. The major requires 32 creditsTo apply, visit the Global Campus Apply Now page.


Psychology Major Courses (Hybrid Programs)

Psychology Core Courses

PY100 Introduction to Psychology

4 credits


PY205 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology

4 credits

Summer Online

PY400 History of Psychology

4 credits

Winter Online

Physiological/Neuropsychology Course (4 credits)


PY204 Physiological Psychology or

PY303 Human Neuropsychology


4 credits


Summer Online

Learning/Cognition Course (4 credits)


PY203 Applied Behavior Analysis or PY211 Learning or PY311 Thinking and Cognition


4 credits


Fall Online

Social/Development Course (4 credits)


PY241 Child Psychology or PY335 Social Psychology or PY344 Lifespan Developmental Psychology


4 credits


Winter Online

Psychology Electives (8 credits)


Psychology Elective 300 Level or Above

4 credits

Summer Online

Psychology Elective 400 Level

4 credits

Summer Online



Assistant Behavior Analyst Certificate (Hybrid Programs)

The Assistant Behavior Analyst Certificate was developed for those seeking to become Board Certified assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs), a bachelor’s level certification provided by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Courses and practicum experiences offered for the certificate provide the content and practicum hours needed to qualify to take the BCaBA exam. The final requirement for the exam is a bachelor’s degree, which can be in any area. Most global campus students who sign up for this certificate satisfy the bachelor's degree requirement by also enrolling in our online psychology major since many classes for the certificate can also be used for the major.

For Global Campus students, the Assistant Behavior Analyst Certificate uses a hybrid course format that is currently only offered at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI. The courses and practica required for the certificate are shown below. To apply, visit the Global Campus Apply Now page.

Assistant Behavior Analyst Certificate Courses (Hybrid Courses offered at FVTC)


Course #


NMU Course Title



When the class should be taken

PY 203*

Applied Behavior Analysis*


1st Fall term

PY 320

Behavior Measurement


2nd Fall term

PY 361

Professional Practice in Behavior Analysis


1st Winter term

PY 403

Behavior Assessment and Evaluation


2nd Winter term

PY 492A



2 credits each in 1st Fall and 1st Winter term

PY 492B

Advanced Practicum


2 credits each in 2nd Fall and 2nd Winter term


Total Credit Hours:




*Requires PY100 Introduction to Psychology (can be FVTC course 10-809-198, Intro to Psychology)





For more information about online and off-campus programs at NMU and how to apply, visit NMU's Global Campus Homepage

For questions about these programs, email the Department of Psychological Science ( or call 906-227-2935.