Online Psychology Major

Online Psychology Major

The Department of Psychological Science is actively involved in online learning opportunities through Northern Michigan University’s Global Campus. NMU’s Global Campus houses all online and extended learning academic programs and oversees the first of its kind Educational Access Network, providing broadband LTE internet access to students throughout the region. The Department of Psychological Science currently the Psychology Major. Useful information about this program for current and prospective students is provided below. To apply for this program, visit the Global Campus Apply Now page.

Psychology Major

The Psychology Major provides a strong introduction to the basic principles and theories in the Psychological Sciences as well as coverage on the primary content areas in this discipline. Those seeking a Psychology major may pursue certain careers where a bachelor’s degree in Psychology is helpful or may pursue graduate programs in Psychology, such as experimental or clinical psychology.

Psychology Major Courses (Online Program)

Psychology Core Courses
Course Credits Term Offered

PSY100 Introduction to Psychology (includes natural science lab)

4 credits

Fall and Winter

PSY160 Seminar for Psychology Majors

1 credit


PSY201 Psychological Research 1: Statistical Applications

4 credits

PSY202 Psychological Research 2: Experimental Design and Methodology 4 credits Fall

PSY489 Graduate Assessment for Psychology Majors (taken when graduating)

0 credits Fall, Winter, and Summer

Breadth Areas in Psychology


PSY221 Developmental Psychology


4 credits



PSY220 Social Psychology 4 credits Fall

PSY230 Learning and Cognition


4 credits


PSY251 Topics on Brain and Behavior

3 credits Winter
Interdisciplinary Concentration 8 credits  
One PSY class at 300 level or higher    
One PSY class at 400 lever or higher    

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