Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis: Degree Requirements

The Master of Science degree in Applied Behavior Analysis provides: (a) coursework required for Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, (b) support in obtaining the experience required for Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification, and (c) opportunities for independent research. Graduates of this program will be prepared to work in applied settings such as schools, hospitals, and other organizations as Applied Behavior Analysts.

Students will be required to complete 42 hours of designated course and practicum work including 10 hours of an intensive practicum experience and a Thesis (4 credits).

Students in this program take the following courses: 

PY 501 Behavioral Assessment and Evaluation 4 cr.
PY 503 Analysis of Behavior: Advanced Theory and Methods 4 cr.
PY 505  Advanced Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences 4 cr.
PY 506 Advanced Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences 4 cr.
PY 511 Behavioral Modification 4 cr.
PY 513 Professional Practices and Ethics in Behavior Analysis 4 cr.
PY 515 Complex Behavior and Theory 4 cr.
PY 592 Psychology Practicum - to be taken five times (2 cr. each) 10 cr.
  Capstone Project  
PY 599 Thesis 4 cr.