Psychological Science Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Research Interests

Faculty research interests in the Department of Psychological Science vary considerably. Ranging from the study of simple stimulus-response relationships to the study of complex social interactions in real-world environments. Ranging from the study of psychopharmacological effects on specific cellular-level neurotransmitter receptors to the study of system-level brain activity using functional and structural neuroimaging. Faculty interests include the study of brain, cognitive, social, affective, and clinical processes in both human participants as well as vertebrate and invertebrate non-human animal subjects. Faculty in the Psychological Science program study psychological science from behavioral, social, and cognitive perspectives as well as from a brain-based biological perspective.  More specific information on faculty interests can be found on the faculty bio pages by clicking here. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to explore our program faculty as well as their areas of specialization and research interests to identify a potential thesis advisor and research mentor. Students with research interests closely aligned with faculty members will benefit from this shared interest.