Sociology and Social Work graduates in action

GradAre there jobs in this field? What’s it really like to work with a BSW degree? What can I expect by way of salary and benefits? These are common questions that we hear from current and prospective students. There's nothing like hearing from graduates themselves and learning from their experiences. So, instead of just giving you the official facts, we’ve been asking alumni to tell you about their experiences in their own words. Here are the stories submitted by some of our most recent graduates.

Allison Stefaniak, December 2008, Family Support Specialist

Katie VanderVeen, May 2008, Americorp NCCC Volunteer

Katreena Hite, May 2007, Kansas Department of Social & Rehabilitation Services

Chuck Mersnick, May 2007, Veterans Peer Support Specialist

Jacqueline Olson, May 2007, Child Protection Services

Eva Kauppila, MSW, May 2006, Co-ocurring Disorder Therapist

Ryan Nettesheim, May 2006, Life Skills and Independent Living Specialist