Photos from Anthropology class trip to Peru

Students crossing rapids

Amazon Rainforest: entrance to First Camp at Chontachaka

Student crossing rapids on cable

Chontachaka: student, Travis Kidd, traversing over river to Camp One, Chontachaka

Students push buss on Mountain road

Tough Travel: students endeavoring to push bus over rough jungle roads

Students on Amazon jungle trail

Amazon Jungle: students, Chloe Klopotek and Zoe Person, in the Amazon jungle

Students listen to shaman talk on ethnobotany

Listening to Shaman: students listening to a shaman talk about the ethnobotany near Huacaria

Chullpas (above ground tombs) in Peru

 Chullpas (above ground tombs) in Ninamarka - A pre-Inca Cemetery of the Lupaca Culture

Students at Haling Cav e site

Healing Cave Site in Q’engo

Student buying belt from Peruvian resident

Traditional Garb: student, Alex Aranda, buying a traditional woven belt in Sacred Valley

Class at Macchu Picchu site

Anthropology Class at Machu Picchu: (front row) Travis Kidd, Alex Carroll, Brieanna Videto, Summer Mattila, Hannah Granlund, Ryan Brown (back row) Cheyenne Marlin, Zoe Person, Chloe Klopotek, Alex Aranda

Peruvian children draw for NMU anthropology student

Experiencing local culture: indigenous children of Santa Rosa de Huacaria drawing with NMU student, Summer Mattila

Professor Alex Carroll cooking with Peruvian hosts

Professor turned chef: Alex Carroll, Margarita and Adriana making Peruvian stuffed potatoes

Peruvian Festival Scene

Corpus Christy Festival at Plaza de Armas in Cusco

Festival float

Float in Cusco Festival

Llama at Macchu Picchu

Llama at Machu Picchu

Peru city at night

Plaza de Armas at night in Cusco