Denci Thomas first Loss Prevention Management graduate

ThomasDenci Thomas always knew that criminal justice was her field – the problem was the assumption of a law enforcement career path afterwards. After learning of the new opportunities in the Loss Prevention Management program, however, Denci found an exciting alternative to traditional jobs in criminal justice. “I was a junior criminal justice major and I was always interested in criminal justice,” said Denci. “The problem was I never wanted to be a police officer.” After meeting with Professor Bob Hanson, one of the developers of the Loss Prevention Management program, she says, “I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do.” 

Loss Prevention Management is the only major at NMU in which all classes are offered online. “It was really convenient for me, because it’s hard to get to campus,” said Thomas. “I’m a single mom with no help, so I love to take classes online!” Some students can be wary of online classes, but Thomas had only words of reassurance. “It’s not as scary as you think – it’s really easy! It’s easy to interact with the other students; it’s easy to get a hold of the professor. You can get your questions answered right away.  You just need to take it and have discipline,” she explained.

Numerous job opportunities are available within loss prevention and that is a great option for anyone pursuing a degree. Compared to traditional police work, jobs in loss prevention offer another highly lucrative option to female graduates. “I think [to work in loss prevention as a woman] is probably easier than being a police officer. It’s a male dominated profession, and sometimes in situations like that, you’re not only dealing with the criminal, you also have potential problems with your coworkers and in your department,” said Thomas.

Thomas is a full time student and mother. She describes herself as “Strong, confident, sassy, assertive, independent,” loves hot wings, pasta and summer, and says her hero is Matt Dorman, and any other American soldier serving far from home. 

Denci graduated in December 2008 and works at Winn-Dixie of Jacksonville, Florida. She is the Asset Protection Coordinator.

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