Abbott donates diagnostic instruments

Girl Looking In MicroscopeNorthern Michigan University’s School of Clinical Sciences has received an AxSYM® automated immunoassay analyzer through a donation to the program by Abbott as part of the company’s “Labs Are Vital” program, a multi-pronged, multi-year global education and awareness initiative designed to highlight the critical role that laboratory professionals play in health care to address the issues facing laboratories today.

“This equipment grant from Abbott will be housed in the Clinical Sciences laboratory and will provide students an additional pathology learning experience,” said Kevin Foley, director of NMU’s CLS program. “Immunohemistry analyzers like this one are found in virtually every hospital laboratory and are used to measure analytes in blood and serum. Analytes such as hormones, drugs, cancer markers, cardiac markers, fertility testing, hepatitis proteins, metabolic/renal tests, as well as and toxicology tests can be performed on this instrument.“

The gift was made at the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Meeting in July. Other recipients were the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University of Vermont, Texas State University, Reading Area Community College, Southeastern Community College, and Western Technical College.

“This $127,000 instrument was a generous donation from Abbott labs, whose motivation in giving this grant is to increase public awareness in Clinical Laboratory Science given the current shortage of clinical laboratorians in the United States,” Foley said.

Abbott is a global leader in in vitro diagnostics, innovative instrument systems and tests for hospitals, reference labs, molecular labs, blood banks, physician offices and clinics. To date, the company has donated more than $3 million in instruments, reagents and service to accredited clinical laboratory education programs across the country. Fifty educational programs, impacting 3,000 students in 29 states within the U.S., received state-of-the-art equipment including immunoassay analyzers, hematology systems, and handheld point-of-care diagnostic instruments.

Northern offers 13 degrees in its clinical sciences degree, ranging from certificate to bachelor’s degree, and it has intern and practicum affiliations with about 20 medical facilities, including the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.