SPBAC - Charge


Created in April 2016 by President Fritz Erickson, this committee will include many of Northern Michigan University’s best critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and bold strategists. The group will serve in an advisory capacity to the president and the senior leadership team regarding issues and opportunities related to the implementation of Northern Michigan University’s strategic plan. Input will be sought in four primary areas:

  • consideration of strategic plan initiative proposals
  • contemplation of strategic plan expenditure proposals
  • development of strategic plan implementation processes and procedures
  • assistance to NMU divisions, colleges, departments, offices in aligning unit plans to overall NMU strategic planning framework

Along with giving input, committee members are expected to regularly share information about strategic planning decisions, decision rationale and accomplishments with the campus component they represent.

The committee will meet a minimum of once a month during the fall and winter semesters, with a possible meeting during the summer, if needed. During the winter 2016 and summer semesters, meetings will be 3-5 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month. (Meeting dates and times will be re-evaluated at the start of each fall semester.)

Faculty/staff members appointed in the first year will have randomly staggered terms from 1-3 years. However once first-year membership is established, non-student members will be eligible for one additional three-year term. Student members are appointed for 1 year with renewal possible for up to 3 years. Ex-officio members serve for the duration of their tenure in the ex officio positions. The NMU president and other ex officio members will identify the process and timeline for selecting a new chair/co-chair prior to the start of the third year of the current serving chair(s).