SPBAC - Membership

The members of the Strategic Planning and Budgeting Advisory Committee were chosen through one of four ways: 1) selected by President Fritz Erickson, 2) selected by a vice president, dean or department head to represent a division or a college; 3) selected by AAUP and NMUFA per union contract stipulations; or 4) nominated by multiple peers within an employee group. All employee groups, unions and levels are represented by at least one member of the committee.

Committee Membership Opportunities
Current faculty/staff vacancies: 3-year terms --1 College of Arts and Sciences and 1 College of Health Sciences and Professional Studies.

Term Expires June 30, 2019
Brent Graves, co-chair, Biology
Leslie Warren, co-chair, Library and Instructional Support
Jamie Beauchamp, Controller's Office
Jill Compton, Internal Audit and Risk Management
Jessica Cruz, Diversity and Inclusion
Chris Greer, Dean of Students
John Centko, Technology and Occupational Sciences
Sherri Towers, Finance and Administration

Term Expires June 30, 2020
Rhea Dever, Human Resources
Jim Gadzinski, Academic and Career Advisement Center
Michael Joy, Languages
Daryl Kobie, Technology and Occupational Sciences
Colby Lang, Public Safety and Police Services
Dawn McAuliffe, Dean of Students Office
Kevin McDonough, Library and Instructional Support
Tim Schirtzinger, Purchasing
Robyn Stille, Alumni Relations
1 College of Business vacancy
1 College of Health Sciences and Professional Studies

Term Expires June 30, 2021 
Stacy Boyer-Davis, Business
Ross Broughton, Financial Services
Gerri Daniels, Admissions
Lynn Domina, English
Bob Eslinger, Extended Learning and Community Engagement
Carol Johnson, Business
Christine Larson, Financial Aid
Evan Lucas, Technology and Occupational Sciences
Chris Lewis, Business Intelligence and Information Services
Kristi Robinia, Nursing and College of Health Sciences and Professional Studies

Student Term (renewable 1-year term up to 3 years)
Undergraduate, bachelor's -- Holly Anderson
Undergraduate, associate/certificate/diploma -- Shane Sheldon
Graduate student -- Katie Joseph

Ex Officio (tenure as they hold current position)
President Fritz Erickson
Vice President and Provost Kerri Schuiling
Vice President Gavin Leach
Vice President Steve VandenAvond
Advancement CEO Brad Canale
​Athletic Director Forrest Karr
Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives Cindy Paavola