Program Criteria

In order to be considered for endorsement for the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and Northern Michigan University Early Assurance Program, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have attained at least a 3.0 grade point average overall as well as in the science courses they take while an undergraduate at NMU.  (See list below).
  2. Complete the following courses required by MSU College of Human Medicine for admission by the time they graduate.  Students must be of junior standing with at least 70 earned credit hours to be eligible to apply.
    • Introductory Biology Principles BI 111
    • Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology BI 218
    • General Chemistry I and II CH 111 and CH 112
    • Organic Chemistry I and II CH 321 and CH 322
    • Introductory Biochemistry CH 450
    • Two upper level biology courses
    • College Composition I and II EN 111 and EN 211
      (Honors Program Curriculum may be substituted)
    • NMU liberal studies completion (humanities, social science, formal communications and visual/performing arts).
    • Mathematics at the college algebra or above level: MA 104, MA 105 or greater.
    • Note that probability and statistics would work MA 171
      Advanced Placement credit at the MA 104 level or above will also work.
  3. Participate in community service activities, including medically related experiences.  Demonstrated leadership is recommended.
  4. Participate in observation experiences with physicians.
  5. Take the MCAT between January and early May of the year before they graduate and earn a score of at least 25 with the biological science section score of at least 8.
  6. Have an interest in practicing family medicine in an underserved, urban or rural environment and/or as a primary care physician (internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics).
  7. Complete an AMCAS application (see more details under the timeline link).