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Cara_Crawford_tall.jpgCara Crawford

Medical School:  Wayne State
Matriculated:       2013

August 29, 2013:

So far, everything is great. We just finished our first week of exams at Wayne State. We had a Histology written exam, Anatomy written exam, and an Anatomy practical exam. Histology was yesterday and both Anatomy exams were held today, starting at 9 a.m. The amount of material to learn is pretty large, but not out of control.

Since the first exams are over I feel like I can breathe again for a bit and it feels GREAT to be able to do whatever I want (watch TV, relax, etc.) for at least the rest of today, before new lecture material resumes tomorrow. Overall, my exams went well. My mentality towards grades has changed. Rather than wanting to get an A, I now just want a 75%, the guaranteed passing grade without factoring in a curve - higher than 75% is obviously preferred, but right now 75% is the goal. Luckily, I've surpassed that benchmark so far. I won't know my score to the practical for a day or so, but I'm hoping the trend of scores continues. The anatomy practical was long, about 3 hours, and I made some silly mistakes, but it wasn't too awful. Dissecting cadavers has been pretty cool too. It has really helped me learn the material better than if I were to just look at pictures in a textbook.

Also, I wanted to say that I've been enjoying Detroit and WSU SOM more than I had ever expected. When we visited the school a couple of years ago as part of our Michigan med school tour, I don't feel like Wayne State did as good of a job promoting the school as they could have, maybe because there are so many things to promote and we had limited time. There's more than meets the eye though. They've got co-curricular programs and seminars for students to attend during lunch hours to learn about topics like "Detroit's Health Issues", there are so many organizations to get involved with and a variety of clinics to work in too (Spanish speaking clinics, clinics at mosques, traveling clinics where students go around and do health screenings of homeless individuals, and lots more). Oh, and the blood draw I and other students learned to do is something that apparently isn't typically taught until second year.

I can imagine that living in Detroit and going to WSU SOM isn't for everyone. A few months ago I didn't even think it was for me. But, if any applicants or other pre-meds are ever considering Wayne and have hesitations or questions, I'd be happy to answer those questions or serve as a resource for them.

One other thing, whenever I talk to students from other undergraduate schools about our pre-med program as opposed to theirs, they are always impressed. Some have even been surprised that we have an actual pre-med advisor at NMU, let alone one that we know as well as we as Northern students/ alumni do.