Student Stories

emily stulzLearning By Doing: Program Teaches Through Application

Collaboration with students, close relationships with faculty, hands-on activities combined with classroom learning – these are the things current graduate student Emily Stulz is loving the most about being enrolled in the Higher Education in Students Affairs Master’s program at NMU.

In just her first semester, she’s already worked on a focus group for first-generation students, allowing her to find ways to relate their experiences back to her own coursework. Every week, she’s interacting with her fellow students and professionals in the field, whether it’s online, during class or through research for upcoming projects.

As she’s earning her master’s degree from NMU, Stulz is also working as a graduate assistant in the university’s Communications and Marketing office, further applying her coursework to a real-world setting. Stulz, who earned her undergraduate degree from Northern as well, said earning both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at NMU was a great decision not just for the academic atmosphere, but the overall culture of the institution.

“Everyone at the university, from the professors in our program to the full-time student affair professionals, are really rooting for us to succeed and helping to give us all the opportunities possible to get the experience and knowledge we need,” she said.