Degree Requirements

Northern Michigan University’s Master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs will prepare both in-service and pre-service students for careers in higher education by exposing students to the history and cultural development of higher education through the examination of student development and organizational theory, through the development of a culminating scholarly work, and through an internship and in-class real-world applications of learning where students are required to combine theory with practice.

The focus of this program is to develop well rounded practitioners in higher education for the delivery of programs and services in college/university divisions of student affairs. The courses and experiences are diverse and reflect the best of contemporary higher education and student affairs practice.

Courses: 34-36 Credit Hours
HESA 505 Introduction to Higher Education Administration 4 cr.
HESA 510 Introduction to Student Affairs 4 cr.
HESA 512 Higher Education Budget and Finance 4 cr.
HESA 531 College Student Development Theory 4 cr.
HESA 540 Legal Issues in Higher Education 4 cr.
PA 500 Research Methods 4 cr.
PA 516 Organizational Behavior 4 cr.
PA 520 The Politics of Higher Education 4 cr.
HESA 592 Capstone or  2 cr. 
HESA 599 Thesis  2 cr
HESA 591 Internship in Higher Education and Student Affairs*  2 cr.
*required for pre-service student