MPA Degree Completion Requirements

Total Credits Required- 34-36  
Core  22-24 Credits   
PA 500 Research Methods of Public Administration  4
PA 507 Principles of Public Administration  4
PA 516 Organizational Theory  4
PA 523 Public Budget Management  4
PA 526 HRM in Public and Nonprofit Management  4
PA 592 Public Administration Capstone  2
PA 599 Thesis 2-4
PA 591 Internship  2*
(Required for pre-service students)*  
Electives 12 Credits   
PA 501  Public Policy Analysis  4
PA 509 Seminar: Intergovernmental Relations 4
PA 510 State and Local Government  4
PA 517 Seminar: American Government  4
PA 519 Municipal Management  2
PA 520 Politics of Higher Education  4
PA 521 Grant Writing for Public Administration  2
PA 525 Public Sector Labor Relations 4
PA 536 Classic Readings in Public Administration  4
PA 545 Political and Administrative Aspects of Community Development  4
PA 562 Program Evaluation for Public and Nonprofit Agencies  2
PA 595 Special Problems in Public Administration  1-4
PA 598 Directed Study in Public Administration  1-4

In order to complete the MPA degree, students must:

A. Complete the graduate plan of study with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

B. Complete a graduate capstone (PA 592) or thesis (PA 599).

C. Complete the graduate plan of study in accordance with the requirements for a master’s degree in the Academic Standards and Policies section of the Graduate Bulletin as well as in accordance with the appropriate program description in the School of Education, Leadership and Public Service section of the Bulletin.

Please note that students may be denied admission to courses, or they may be dismissed from a graduate program or internship/practicum if they demonstrate a lack of professional competence and effectiveness as a professional or fail to perform course work effectively. The departmental graduate review committee reviews the qualifications of all questionable students and may require them to undergo further examination to make a final determination regarding program completion.