Parking and Traffic Committee


The Parking and Traffic Committee will serve as the central clearinghouse for complaints (other than traffic violations), suggestions and recommendations concerning both traffic and parking matters. This committee will review traffic flow patterns and parking needs and make such recommendations as are required to solve these concerns to the President's Council for review and action. In cooperation with the Police Department, this committee will review the parking code and traffic violations manual, motor vehicle registration fees and the parking fine schedule on a regular basis and suggest changes and modifications as required.


Appointments to this committee will be for two-year terms for faculty, staff and community representative members and one-year terms for student members. In establishment of the committee, three of the faculty/staff appointments were for one year and thereafter for two years, so that the terms are staggered. Ex-officio members need not be appointed as they are members by virtue of their position at Northern Michigan University. Members are recommended to the NMU President by the chair for appointment to the committee.