Employee Safety

Site Safety Sign

Making Northern Michigan University a safe place to live, learn, work and play is part of the mission of the NMU Public Safety and Police Services Department. As such, employee safety is a priority of the department and the university.

A large part of NMU’s employee safety effort is educating faculty and staff about the safety measures that Northern Michigan University is held accountable for.  NMU consults with the Consultation Education and Training (CET) division of Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) as well as the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  Both MIOSHA and the DEQ perform on-site audits, announced and unannounced, and issue violations for failing to meet their safety standards, which may come with steep fines. 

NMU Public Safety and Police Services also provides workplace safety training to give employees the knowledge and skills to recognize safety hazards, understand safe practices and expectations, prevent injuries, and protect equipment.  NMU employees are taught proper techniques and the importance of performing various tasks safely to protect themselves against any hazardous situations. 

The NMU Public Safety and Police Services Department annually requests hazardous chemical inventory lists from each NMU department on campus.  A hazardous chemical is defined as a chemical that is a health hazard or physical hazard. It also include items such as paint, paint solvents, bulk cleaning chemicals, dyes and inks. The NMU Public Safety and Police Services Department ensures Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for all hazardous chemicals are available at Public Safety and Police Services or on their website using MSDS Online. Please do your part and assist the person in your department responsible for completing the hazardous chemical inventory with compiling the most comprehensive and accurate information. 

Employee safety also includes zero tolerance of workplace violence, aggression and intimidation, as well as discrimination or harassment of any type.  If you experience or witness any of these, please contact NMU Public Safety and Police Services at 227-2151.

Many departments assist the NMU Public Safety and Police Services Department in providing employee safety measures and education.  These departments include, but are not limited to, Engineering and Planning, the Facilities Department, Risk Management, Human Resources, and the Health Promotions Office.