Row of carsThe NMU Parking Services is responsible for overseeing vehicle registration and enforcing parking violations.  

Parking Services, a unit of the NMU Police Department, is located in the Services Building on Sugarloaf Avenue (see campus parking map).  You can contact Parking Services in person from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. (EST), by phone at (906) 227-1476 or by email


Commonly Asked Questions

Can students bring cars? Students may bring cars and park them on campus. All vehicles must be registered and have an appropriate parking permit.   

Is there a fee to park on campus? There are fees associated with parking permits.

Are there designated lots for parking? All of the lots on campus are designated. 

Do visitors have to register their cars when on campus? Visitors will need to register their vehicles through the Parking Portal on the Motor Vehicle Registration and Parking Fees page. Visitors will be required to create a guest account to obtain permits through the Portal. 

Is there storage on campus for my bike during the winter? Yes, please contact the Housing office for more information. 

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions Page for More Information