Emergency Text Alert Program

cell phoneNorthern Michigan University continues to provide a safe learning, living and working environment for students and employees.  It is critical that NMU and its student, faculty and employee population be able to effectively communicate in emergency situations.

As part of the college’s review of the emergency response plan, a new program is being implemented with a beginning of Monday, March 24.  All students and employees may sign up for notification regarding all campus emergencies through a text message and e-mail alert system.  Registration is free at NMU Alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I get this service?

A:  You must have a cell phone that accepts text messages. You may want to sign up for a text message plan with your carrier, if you do not have one already. Register for alerts at NMU Alerts. You may have the option to choose different alerts and some alerts may allow you to decide which days of the week and times of the day to receive those alerts; all other alerts are automatically 24 x 7.

Q:  How do I stop this service?

A:  The suggested method is to unsubscribe at NMU Alerts. Alternatively, you may also text STOP to 30644

Q:  What will it cost? 

A:  There will be no cost from NMU. The only cost would be from your carrier depending on the standard messaging rate of your plan.

Q:  Will my cell phone number be given out or made public?

A:  No. Northern will not publish or give out your cell phone number.  It will only be securely shared with Rave Alert systems, the company providing NMU with this alert service.

Q:  Some alert services are advertiser supported. Will I receive ads on my phone?

A:  No,

Q:  Does this work with all carriers?

A:  The service works throughout the United States and some territories. 99 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers are covered. If you have a pay-as-you-go plan with carriers such as Virgin Mobile, you may not be able to receive alert messages and is a limitation of those carriers, not the service or service provider.

Q:  What if I change carriers or phone number?

A:  Please be sure to re-register or update your profile information to facilitate successful message delivery to you.

Q:  How will this be used?

A:  Northern Michigan University will use this alert system only in case of emergency that impacts the campus and requires immediate communication. Again, the service will not be used for advertising.

Q:  How else does Northern communicate in emergencies?

A:  Depending on the situation, various types of communication is used.  This includes, but is not limited to e-mail, voice mail, postings on the Web site, radio and television broadcasts and personal contact to an area.

Q:  Can parents sign up for this program?

A:  Students sign up multiple cell phone numbers, including the cell phones of their parents as long as those numbers also have text messaging access.

Q:  Has this system been tested?

A:  Yes, NMU has already run several small-scale tests on campus.  However, many colleges, businesses and organizations nationwide are using this same system on a daily basis. 

Q:  How do I get help if I have a question or problem?

A:  For general system questions and issues with registration, contact NMU Police Department at 906-227-2151or PSPS@nmu.edu.