Egan Selected for Student Advocacy Training

 Egan Selected for Education Student Advocacy Training

Arika Egan was selected to participate in the Global Campaign for Education’s Student Advocacy Training in April 2013 in Washington D.C.  Arika is a double major in physics and philosophy, with a mathematics minor.

During the training, she worked with and learned from coalition members how to advocate for equal access to a quality education worldwide.  In addition to an in-depth look at international education issues, policies, and actors, students participated in skills training in: grassroots and Arika_Egan.JPGgrasstops organizing, event planning, fundraising, media training, storytelling, and more.

She had an opportunity to meet with a member of congress from her home state, Illinois, to discuss various state and national policies that deal with education, and any improvements that can be made.

She looks forward to taking the first steps to improve the education system of the world.