Paris REU Cassy Hastings

Cassy Hastings has an adventure ahead this summer when she travels to Paris, France to take part in a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates. 

Cassy explains this opportunity in her own words:

"The National Science Foundation sponsors Research Experiences for Undergraduates, taking place all across the country. They also sponsor a few international research opportunities for undergraduates to take part in. This summer I was one of 13 students accepted to go to Paris, France to study optics and participate in a research project that interests me related to the field. It's a ten week program that will take place all of June and July. This is a highly intensive program that is a collaboration between the University of Michigan and several Universities in Paris. At the end of my time in France, I will be presenting my research there and will be able to come back and use my research to present at other conferences here in the U.S. I am extremely excited for this opportunity and pleased to have been chosen. I look forward to taking part in the research as well as the cultural experience that Paris has to offer!"