Olympic License Plate

Michigan residents can help U.S. Olympic-aspiring athletes training at Northern Michigan University by simply purchasing a license photo of Olympic license plate with USA rings to left and Go Team USA on bottom. Pure Michigan on top.plate. This tax deductible purchase of an Olympic license plate generates funds for student athletes training on the campus of Northern Michigan University.

How much does an Olympic license plate cost and is the fee tax deductible?

For each sale of the $35 plate, $25 benefits student athletes training at the U.S. National Training Site at Northern Michigan University (NMU-OTS). When the plates are renewed, the additional $10 goes entirely to the NMU-NTS.  A portion of your Olympic license plate fee may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution to a non-profit agency. Please consult your tax advisor.

How can I get my Olympic plate?

  • Request the Olympic license plate through the Secretary of State with your vehicle  registration renewal.  Simply enclose a note and include the additional fee.