Reese Dalton
Reese Dalton

MARQUETTE, Mich. —Team USA faced Sweden in a dual Greco-Roman wrestling meet tonight at the Northern Michigan University Superior Dome. Team USA, which came out on top 14-5, was comprised of NMU Olympic Training Site athletes and athletes visiting NMU for the Superior International Wrestling Camp.

A highlight of the meet came from NMU-OTS wrestler Reese Dalton, who competed against Oscar Holmén in two separate matches during the competition at 71 kg. Dalton was the only member of Team USA to wrestle twice. He lost to Holmen during the first match 4-7, but he recovered during the second match, winning 4-0 by pin.

“He didn’t score in the first match because he wasn’t controlling any position,” said NMU-OTS assistant coach Andy Bisek. “He had time to adjust between the two matches. The second match was a fresh start. He had a beautiful head lock.”

The Superior International Wrestling Camp wraps up Saturday.

“The camp brings about 80 prospective students to campus. There’s a lot of guys here that I like and I’m excited to see them progress during the next few days,” Bisek added.


55kg Hunter Lewis (USA) 8-0 pin over Fabian Frisk (Sweden)

55kg Fabian Frisk (Sweden) 5-2 over Ashton Clark (USA)

60kg Phillip Moomey (USA) 8-0 tech fall over Teo Jönsson (Sweden)

60kg Teo Jönsson (Sweden) 2-2 over Nick Hamilton (USA)

65kg Dominic Damon (USA) 8-0 tech fall over Max Scharfenort (Sweden)

65kg Alex McDoulett (USA) 9-0 over Max Scharfenort (Sweden)

67kg Erik Spence (USA/NMU) 15-6 over Arvid Westerlund Nilsson (Sweden)

67kg Alston Nutter (USA/NMU) 4-0 pin over Arvid Westerlund Nilsson (Sweden)

71kg Oscar Holmén (Sweden) 7-4 over Reese Dalton (USA/NMU)

71kg Reese Dalton (USA/NMU) 4-0 pin over Oscar Holmén (Sweden)                                               

71kg Riley Briggs (USA/NMU) 10-0 over Algot Källman (Sweden)

71kg Austin Dohl-Pantaleo (USA) 4-0 pin over Algot Källman (Sweden)

72kg Alex Cramer (USA) 7-0 pin over Liam Kristensson (Sweden)

72kg Liam Kristensson (Sweden) 9-0 tech fall over Ryan Garcia (USA)

74kg Mason Hartshorn (USA/NMU) 11-2 tech fall over Fabian Mazdin (Sweden)

74kg John Fagen (USA) 10-0 over Fabian Mazdin (Sweden)

77kg August Eriksson (Sweden) 5-1 over Josh Anderson (USA/NMU)            

77kg Marco Gusman (USA) 6-4 pin over August Eriksson (Sweden)      

100kg Luke Luffman (USA) 8-0 over Linus Persson (Sweden)

100kg Linus Persson (Sweden) 8-5 pin over Jacob Kaminski (USA)

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June 13, 2018