Marinda (blue), Rosen (red)
Marinda (blue), Rosen (red)

MARQUETTE, Mich.—Five Northern Michigan University Olympic Training Site Greco-Roman wrestlers earned victories today, helping a United States team defeat Team Skane Brottning 8-7 during a dual meet in Klippan, Sweden.

In total, eight NMU-OTS athletes competed, contributing 21 of the U.S. team’s 33 points. In addition to the NMU-OTS athletes, the U.S. team was comprised of seven other wrestlers from across the country. The athletes are in Sweden for a training camp and multiple competitions.

Starting the competition with a pair of wins in the 63 kg weight class were two NMU freshman: Eric Spence of Elk Grove, Calif., and Mason Hartshorn of Antioch, Calif. Spence faced Max Scharfenort, winning 5-0 and Hartshorn defeated Markus Tjornby, 4-0.

Britton Holmes of Peyton, Colo., faced Elias Andersson at 71 kg. Holmes edged out his opponent with a 1-0 win.

Randon Miranda of Palmdale, Calif., faced Anton Rosen in a 60 kg match-up. The two faced each other Saturday at the Klippan Cup with Miranda earning a 7-1 win. Miranda was able to walk away with another win over Rosen, this time by an 8-0 margin.

Rounding out the wins for the NMU squad was George Sikes of Fort Pierce, Fla. Sikes won by technical fall, 10-2, against Zackarias Gustavsson at 76 kg.

The group will compete again Saturday and Sunday at the Malarcupen in Stockholm, Sweden.



58 kg: Samuel Trellid (SWE)  def. Hunter Lewis (WI) 5-4
58 kg: Austin Almauger (WA) def. Albin Borgström (SWE) 8-0, TF
60 kg: Randon Miranda (NYAC/NMUOTS) vs. Anton Rosen (SWE)  8-0, TF
63 kg: Dominic Damon (WA) def. Zackarias Gustavsson (SWE)  9-0, TF
63 kg: Mason Hartshorn (NMU/OTS) def. Markus Tjörnby (SWE)  via fall (1:55)
63 kg: Eric Spence (NMU/OTS) def. Max Scharfenort (SWE) 5-0
63 kg: Armando Molin (SWE)  def. Logan Hatch (WI) 9-0, TF
71 kg: Erik Persson (SWE)  def. Colby Baker (NMU/OTS) 8-0, TF
71 kg: Britton Holmes (NMU/OTS) def. Elias Andersson (SWE)  1-0
71 kg: Peyton Robb (Minnesota Storm) def. Lukas Ahlgren (SWE)  9-2
75 kg: August Eriksson (SWE)  def. Corey Fitzgerald (NMU/OTS) 3-3 (criteria)
76 kg: George Sikes (NMU/OTS) def. Algot Källman 8-0, TF
80 kg: Anton Olsson (SWE)  def. Tommy Brackett (TN) 10-0, TF
82 kg: Andreija Maletin (SWE)  def. Jacob Olson (NMU/OTS) 10-0, TF
85 kg: Aleksander Stjepanetic (SWE)  def. Keaton Fanning (NMU/OTS) 8-0, TF

Prepared By
Mike Kaurala
NMU-OTS Operations Manager